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Altrusa Projects

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Altrusa International, Inc.
of Fostoria, Ohio, USA
District Five



Safety Town This project was started by Altrusa and the Union Carbide Foreman's club in 19??. Buildings were built, tricycles provided, streets painted, children signed up and classes run for one week each summer. The purpose of this very worthwhile project is to help pre-school age children learn about street safety BEFORE they start school. However, the original concept has grown, and now water safety, train safety, etc. are included in the program. In 2002 the Fostoria Parks and Recreation will be taking over this program, which will free Altrusans to devote time and money to a new project.

Educational Grants Each year Altrusa awards grants for further education. Graduates from both the public and parochial schools are eligible for these grants.

Literacy Literacy is a focus of Altrusa International and Fostoria. In 2001 we purchased over $500.00 worth of books for the Lakota schools. After the Fostoria tornado, we purchased books for St. Wendelin whose library had been damaged.

School Supplies Each summer Altrusa puts out collection boxes and advertises that school supplies are needed by low-income families. We collect notebooks, pencils, crayons, rulers, etc. prior to school starting. The Bureau of Concern then handles the distribution of the supplies.

Christmas Baskets Altrusa usually delivers about four Christmas Baskets to needy families each year. Members provide paper products, canned goods, etc. and the club buys the meat and fresh foods for the baskets. Then members deliver the baskets.

K.I.D.S. This was a special one-time project done as part of Altrusa International 75th Anniversary. A need for a school-based therapy room for developmentally delayed students (rather than transporting these children to the hospital and back) was identified. We planned a two-year campaign to raise funds and arrange to purchase all the equipment needed to get a therapy room set up in one of the schools. The hospital was willing to provide the therapists and do the day-to-day organizing once the room was in place.

Bells on Independence Day Our first project in Fostoria, this consists in organizing all the churches with bells and factories with whistles, to sound them off at noon on July 4th in celebration.

Comfort Caps for Cancer Patients These are actually turbans, made of a very soft cotton knit, that can be worn by cancer patients who have lost their hair. These are distributed free of charge, three per patient (one to wear, one to wash, one for spare). These are distributed to the patients by the Fostoria Hospital Oncology department personnel. This is a new project for 2001.

If you are interested in additional information about Altrusa International of Fostoria, Ohio, please contact:

Club President
Altrusa International of Fostoria, Ohio, U.S.A.
P.O. Box 531
Fostoria, OH 44830


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