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Thursday, April 20, 1978

PIX #1 - 1960-61 Ohio State Buckeyes - Kneeling left to right, Don Furry, J.T. Landes, Jim Allen, Dick Reasbeck, Gary Miliken, Mel Nowell, Gary Gearhart, and Larry Siegried. Standing left to right, Head Coach, Fred R. Taylor, Doug MacDonald, Bob Knight, John Noble, John Havlivek, Jerry Lucas, Ken Lee, Nelson Miller, Richie Hoyt, Ray Apple, Assistant coach Frank Truitt.

Fostorians who are pro basketball fans didn't need to be pro basketball Celtic fans to have an interest in John Havlicek's retirement recently from that stellar group of Boston cage plater...Why?...because back in 1959-60 when he was making a record for himself and for OSU, Fostoria's own Doug McDonald was also a part of the OSU cage lineup.

"Hondo" Havlicek as he was known by his friends and team mates, has now hung up his "17" jersey for good...having played his last games with the Celtics last week-end against Buffalo. But Havlicek and his record will not be forgotten quickly. And, McDonald won't forget the help he received from him when he wad a freshman player and "Hondo" was going great during 1959-60.

Neither did "Hondo" forget his old friends and OSU team mates wehn the celebration was planned for his "retirement" games. Jerry Lucas another OSU star player, as well as McDonald were invited, and on hand to see the "Grand Finale".

Those who have followed the trail of Havlicek, Lucas and McDonald since their OSU days know that Havlicek went with the Cleveland Browns after his college career...then to the Celtics where he finished his 1270th game in the NBA. In his 38 years he has contributed greatly to sports from the time he started in high school at Lansing, Ohio.

Jerry Lucas helped the OSU crowd to win three Big 10 titles, one NCAA Crown, two national runner-up trophies and 78 of 84 official games. From OSU he went with Cincinnati Royals, then New York Knicks and finally Los Angeles Lakers. TV fams will remember his appearance on the $128,000 Question program, when he displayed his knowledge of the Bible, obtained by memorization. He has written a book on how to memorize and is engaged in Christian activities.

McDonald made a good record at OSU too, along with Lucas and Havlicek. In 1962-63 he was named captain of the team. He chose the public school system and coaching as his voation after OSU. Presently he is assistant principal at Tiffin Columbian High.

McDonald's wife the former Sally Gamersfelder of Fostoria, and their two youngsters Kelly and Mie, spent last weekend with the Havliceks. It was a highpoint in the life of the McDonald family and one they won't forget soon.

You wouldn't lose a bet if you bet that "Mac" McDonald at the local Gulf station, and father of Doug, has been a fan of Havlicek, Lucas and McDonald through the years. He has preserved the accompanying photo of the OSU team taken during the 1960-61 season, and it has hung on the wall at the station for many years.


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