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From the Review (December 1924)

10,000 Visitors at Exposition

Saturday; 28,961 Attend the Big farm Show During first Four Days: Special Features Arranged for this Week

       Saturday was the banner day so far of the National Farm and Industrial Exposition with Sunday running a close second in point of attendance. During the twelve and a half hours the big show was operation Saturday , 10,279 persons passed into the big building on the southwest cornor of  Popular and South Streets,  the Willis Hakes Garage the largest building in the area. The crowds were constantly changing with hundreds going in as others passed out. Sunday the attendance was 9,988, a total of 28,961 for the first four days and five days yet to go. Mr. Buolow stated this morning that he expects the total to reach 75,000 to 80,000 by next Friday night when the exposition closes.

        Hundreds of strangers were in the city, Saturday and Sunday, coming here from great distances to attend the exposition. A concert by Ernie Smith's orchestra afternoon and evening were the entertaininng features Sunday.

New Singer

        A new soloist and entertainer made her appearance at the big show this afternoon and will remain for the balance of the exposition.   She is Miss Alma Alexandeer Blue who has appeared with many high class theatrical productions and is prominant in vaudeville.

        Tuesday afternoon the students from Jackson Township Centrallzed school at Amsden and the students from the Milton Township Centrallized school of  Milton Center will attend the exposition. The Jackson township scholars will be accompanied by E. G. Hasley, instructor in agriculture at the school and the Milton Center students will be in charge of  Superintendent  J. C. Cooley.

        The big features Tuesday evening in addition to the various other entertainments will be the appearance of the "Ice-House Quartette," composed of Toledo business men.

(December 12, 1924) From the Review.

Want Beulow Back in 1925

Farm Exposition Executive Committee Urge Him to Stage His big Show in this City Again Next Year

        Unanimous was the infitation from the executive comittee of the Fostoria Merchant's division to H. V. Beulow to put on a farm Expo in Fostoria again next year. Mr. Beulow will give the committee an answer within a month. Up to today 60,071 have attended the Expo.

        This action was taken at the meeting this morning in the office of Willis Hakes Garage. Every member present expressed himself as highly pleased with the show and the results thereof and strongly urged Mr. Beulow to return next year.

        Other Cities had representatives here during the show urging and affering inducements to Mr. Beulow to come to their respective cities.

        The action of the local committee this morning came wholely unsolicted on the part of Mr. Beulow, the committee feeling that thousads of strangers had been attracted to Fostoria during the dates of the Expo. and much good had come both directly and indirectly to the merchants and the town in general.

        The committee also praised Mr. Beulow for his wonderful executive abillty in handling affairs of this kind and his absolute fairness in all matters.

Miss Rega Gabriel Wins Miss Fostoria Contest With 10,754

        The "Miss Fostoria Popularity Contest" which was being held in connection with the 11th Annual National and Industrial Exposition, closed last night. the final count was delayed until 11 p.m. owing to the time it took to make the 9:30 count, for that reason Mr. Turley, Contest Mgr. extended the closing time until 11 p.m. The final count follows;

Miss Rega Gabriel---------------------10,754
Miss Lela Kisabeth---------------------6192
Mrs. Thelma Book----------------------5701
Miss Helen Yates of
Jackson Grange-------------------------2596
Miss Mildred Hurbert of
Loudon Grange---------------------------2210
Mrs Fairie Kassing of
Milton Grange----------------------------1534
Miss Helen DeWitt of

 Salem Grange---------------------------1510

The Fostoria Seneca Motorcar company

The Fostoria Seneca Motorcar company (organized in 1917) produced three to five automobiles per day and 80% of their production was exported to places such as Australia, Borneo and China. Seneca Motorcar prospered until Henry Ford developed the assembly line. Seneca couldn’t compete with mass production techniques and manufactured its last car in 1924.


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