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Wesley Photo Gallery

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These pictures are mostly from the Ray Dell collection. Ray was the owner of Dell's Restaurant for a good many years and took an interest in the history of Fostoria. He started gathering memorabilia and exhibiting it on the walls of his restaurant. This interest became well-known and some of his patrons brought in old photos of the city and environs for him to exhibit and to add to his collection.

Over the years a good many of the people and buildings in these photos have been identified and marked. In most cases, however, the identifications fall into the "as best as I can remember... " category. Consequently the Wesley Gallery would appreciate any corrections or "second guesses" any viewer cares to make.

You may e-mail them.

In the same vein, many of the people and buildings are NOT identified. If you know or even suspect any facts concerning such photos, again, it would be very much appreciated if you would comment on these.

We encourage you to record your thoughts on this exhibit -- whether or not you can provide any particulars on the photos.

All of the Ray Dell collection has been scanned and is stored electronically by, Your Community Web Site.

The exhibit was composed by Norman Gibat


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