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"Devils Arithmetic" - rated PG 13
By Showtime Entertainment, starring Kirsten Dunst and Jess Backen. About a jewish family who go to a family dinner and the daughter is pushed back into the Holocaust, very good have to give it
With Kirk Douglas, Dan Akroyd and Lauren Bacall was very entertaining. About a father, grandfather and son who start on a trip to Las Vegas to find the diamonds that Kirk Douglas had hidden years ago, quite funny.
"Passion of the Mind"
With Demi Moore was a movie about a woman who can't tell reality from fantasy. It is a little confusing because you don't know either. She is a widow who has found two loves. I liked it
"Mansfield Park" - rated Pg-13
Was based on the early journals of Jane Austin. It was an 1800 drama about poor girl being sent to live with an aunt to become educated and have the finer things in life. Only to shun the man who loves her and loves someone else.
"The Yards" - Rated R
What a great cast; James Caan, Mark Walberg, Ellen Burstyn, Faye Donaway, Joaquin Phoenix and Charlize Theron.. About the unions, rail, and subway systems in New York City and how corruptive they can be; how it leads to murder and so many lies.
"Agnes Brown" - rated R
A film by Angelica Huston, also starring Angelica Huston and Marian Odwager. An Irish widow with 7 children is poor in money but has a very good friend. Finds she doesn't need a man, she can take care of herself. A happy yet sad ending.
"Simpatico" - rated R
Starring Nick Nolte, Jeff Bridges, Sharon Stone and Albert Finney. A story of 3 friends (lots of flashbacks) and horseracing. One becomes very well to-do and the other one is an alcoholic, very confusing but one you think about after you watch it..
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