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Thor "Thor" 3D.
As the son of Odin, the king of the Norse gods, Thor is soon to inherit the throne of Asgard from his aging father. However, on the day that he is to be crowned, Thor reacts with brutality when the gods' enemies, the Frost Giants, enter the palace in violation of their treaty. Stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, and Stellan Skarsgard. Writen by Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz, and Don Payne. Directed by Kenneth Branagh.
Something Borrowed "Something Borrowed" rated pg-13
based on a novel by Emily Griffin. Rachel is a successful attorney and a loyal friend - but, unhappily, still single. After one drink too many at her 30th-birthday party, Rachel falls into bed with her longtime crush, Dex, who happens to engaged to her best friend, Darcy. Stars Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski, Jill Eikenberry, and Steve Howey. Written by Jennie Snyder Urman and directed by Luke Greenfield.
Cave of Forgotten Dreams "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" 3D.
documentay. In the Chauvet Caves of France, Werner Herzog explores the oldest-known pictures made by people. Written and directed by Werner Herzog.
Louder Than a Bomb "Louder Than a Bomb" rated r
documentary. Four high-school teams from Chicago prepare for and compete in the world's largest youth poetry slam. Directed by Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel.
Everything Must Go "Everything Must Go" rated r
based on a short story by Raymond Carver. No longer at the top of his game, Nick Halsey is an alcoholic, loses his job, and is dumped by his wife. He is locked out of his house with all his belongings on the front lawn. Facing the fact that his life is collapsing, Nick holds a giant yard sale which turns out to be a unique survival strategy for him. Stars Will Ferrell, Christopher Jordan Wallace, Rebecca Hall, Michael Pena, Laura Dern, and Stephen Root. Written and directed by Dan Rush.
There Be Dragon "There Be Dragons" rated pg-13
An investigative journalist unearths secrets about his father's ties to the controversial founder of Opus Del. Stars Charlie Cox, Wes Bentley, Dougray Scott, and Olga Kurylenko. Written and directed by Roland Joffe.
Happythankyoumoreplease "Happythankyoumoreplease" rated r
Young New Yorkers try to navigate a rocky course of careers and personal relationships. Stars Josh Radnor, Malin Akerman, Tony Hale, Zoe Kazan, Kate Mara, Peter Scanavino, and Richard Jenkins. Written and directed by Josh Radnor.
Prom "Prom" rated pg
For many high-school students, the prom marks the beginning of their transition from teenager to independent adult. Several stories unfold as one group of teens prepares for the event. Stars Aimee Teegarden, Thomas McDonell, Yin Chang, Danielle Campbell, and Kylie Brunbury. Written by Katie Wech and directed by Joe Nussbaum.
Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil "Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil" 3 D.
animated. While away training with a mysterious covert ops group known as the sisters of the Hood, Red gets an urgent call from the head of the top-secret Happily Ever After Agency. A wicked witch has kidnapped Hansel and Gretel. Stars Hayden Panettiere, Patrick Warburton, Joan Cusack, Glenn Close, and Bill Hader. Written by Coty Edwards, Todd Edwards, and Tony Leech. Directed by Michael D'Isa-Hogan.
Fast Five "Fast Five" rated pg-13
Ever since ex-cop Brian O'Conner and Mia Torretto broke her brother Dom out of custody, they've traveled border to border to evade authorities. They most do one final job before they can gain their freedom. Stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, and Dwayne Johnson. Written by Chris Morgan and directed by Justin Lin.
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night" rated pg-13
Dylan Dog is a world-famous private detective who specializes in the affairs of the walking dead. Armed with silver, wooden bullets and a razor-sharp wit, Dylan works his latest case. Stars Brandon Routh, Sam Huntington, Anita Briem, Taye Diggs, and Kurt Angle. Written by Thomas Dean Donnelly, and Joshua Oppenheimer. Directed by Kevin Munroe.
Hall Pass "Hall Pass" rated r
Best friends Rick and Fred each have been married for a long time, and they are showing signs of restlessness. To revitalize their marriages, their wives grant them one week to do whatever they please, no questions asked. Stars Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer, Christina Applegate, Richard Jenkins, Rob Moran, and Stephen Merchant. Written by Pete Jones, Peter Farrelly, Kevin Barnett, and Bobby Farrelly. Directed by Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly.
African Cat "African Cats" rated g
Documentary. The adventures of a lion cub names Mara, a mother cheetah named Sita, and lion king named Fang illustrate family bonds on the African savanna. Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Directed by Keith Scholey and Alastair Fothergill.
Water for Elephant "Water for Elephants" rated pg-13
based on a novel by Sara Gruen. A shared compassion for a special elephant draws together a veterinary student and a performer in the traveling circus in which they both work. Stars Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, Christoph Waltz, Jim Norton, Hal Halbrook, Paul Schneider, and Ken Foree. Written by Richard LaGravenese and directed by Francis Lawrence.
Tyler Perrys Madea's Big Happy Family "Tyler Perrys Madea's Big Happy Family" rated pg-13
When Shirley, Madea's niece, receives distressing news about her health, the only thing she wants is her family gathered around her. Stars Tyler Perry, Loretta Devine, Cassie Davis, Tamela Brown Mann, David Mann, and Isaiah Mustafa. Written and directed by Tyler Perry.
Rio "Rio" 3d. rated g
animated. Captured by smugglers when he was just a baby, a macaw named Blu never learned to fly and lives a happy life in Minnesota with his human friend, Linda. He is thought to be the last of his kind but they have discovered a lone female, Jewel, in Rio de Janeiro. They travel to Rio de Janeiro but are kidnapped by animal smugglers. Stars Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, Jemaine Clement, Tracy Morgan, will i. am, George Lopez, Jamie Foxx, Wanda Sykes, Jane Lynch, and Leslie Mann. Written by Carlos Saldanha, Don Rhymer, Joshua Sternin, Jeffrey Ventimilia, and Sam Harper. Directed by Carlos Saldanha.
Miral "Miral" rated pg-13
.subtitled. based on a novel by Rula Jebreal. In 1948, a woman named Hind Husseini transforms her father's home into an orphanage and school for Palestinian children. Many years later, a teenager named Miral, who has grown up immersed in the institute's peaceful ways, goes to a refugee camp as a teacher. Stars Hiam Abbass, Yasmine Al Massri, William Defoe, Vanessa Redgrave, and Stella Schnabel. Written by Rula Jebreal and Walid Mawed. Directed by Julian Schnabel.
Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 "Atlas Shrugged: Part 1" rated pg-13
based on a novel by Ayn Rand. Dagny Taggart, a powerful railroad executive, tries to keep her business afloat while society crumbles around her. Stars Taylor Schilling, Michael O'Keefe, Edi Gathegi, Mathew Marsden, and Patrick Fischler. Written by Brian Patrick O'Toole and John Agliatoro. Directed by Paul Johansson.
The Conspirator "The Conspirator" rated pg-13
Following the assassination of President Lincoln, seven men and one woman are arrested and chared with conspiring to kill Lincoln, the vice president and the secretary of state. Lawyer Frederick Aiken agrees to defend the lone woman, Mary Surratt. Stars James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Kevin Kline, Evan Rachel Wood, Danny Huston, Tom Wilkinson, and Justin Long. Written by James Solomon and directed by Robert Redford.
Scream 4 "Scream 4" rated r
It has been many years since the Ghostface Killer cut a deadly path through the town of Woodsboro. Sidney Prescott has written a self-help book and she returns to Woodsboro for her book tour and Ghostface along with her. Stars Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Rory Culkin, Adam Brody, Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell, and Erik Knudsen. Written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wed Craven.
Soul Surfer "Soul Surfer" rated pg
based on a novel by Bethany Hamilton. Teenager Bethany Hamilton, a natural talent in the sport of surfing, loses an arm in a shark attack. With the love and support of her parents and friends she refuses to give up and plans to return to competition. Stars AnnaSophia Robb, Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, Lorraine Nicholson, Carrie Underwood, and Kevin Sorbo. Written by Sean McNamara, Deborah Schwartz, Douglas Schwartz, and Michael Berk. Directed by Sean McNamara.
Arthur "Arthur" rated rated pg-13
Irresponsible playboy Arthur Bach has always relied on two things to keep him out of real trouble: his great wealth and his lifelong nanny, Hobson. Now Arthur must undertake the most-expensive risk of his life, he must choose between an arranged marriage and love. Stars Russell Brand, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner, Greta Gerwig, Luis Guzman, and Nick Nolte. Written by Peter Baynham and directed by Jason Winer.
Win Win "Win Win" rated r
Mike Flaherty is a struggling lawyer. As the court-appointed attorney of Leo Poplar, an old man afflicted with dementia, Mike sees an opportunity to take things easy and volunteers to become Leo's legal guardian. The unexpected arrival of Leo's grandson complicates Mike's plans until he learns that the youth is a champion wrestler. Stars Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan, Bobby Cannavale, Burt Young, and Melanie Lynskey. Written and directed by Tom McCarthy.
Of Gods and Men "Of Gods and Men" rated pg-13
subtitled. French monks trust in ther faith to carry them through the Algerian Civil War. Stars Lambert Wilson, Michael Lonsdale, Olivier Rabourdin, and Jacques Herlin. Written by Xavier Beauvois and Etienne Comar. Direccted by Xavier Beauvois.
Born to Be Wild "Born to Be Wild" rated g
documentary. Dedicated teams in Africa and Borneo save the lives of orphaned elephants and orangutans and prepare them for release back in the wild. Written by Drew Hellman and directed by David Lickley.
Hanna "Hanna" rated rated pg-13
Raised by her father in the Finnish wilderness, teenage Hanna has trained all her life to be the perfect assassin. Her father sends her on a mission, as she draws closer to her target, Hanna faces startling revelations about her existence. Stars Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hollander, and Olivia Williams. Written by Seth Lochhead and David Farr. Directed by Joe Wright.
Your Highness "Your Highness" rated r
Prince Thadeous has always lived his life in the shadow of his brother, the heir apparent, Prince Fabious. Tired of being passed over, Thadeous is now content to slack off, but when an evil wizard kidnaps Fabious' fiance, Thadeous has no choice but to save her. Stars Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, and Zooey Deschanel. Written by Danny R. McBride and Ben Best. Directed by David Gordan Green.
Trust "Trust" rated r
A man has difficulty coping with the knowledge that his 14-year-old daughter was assaulted by a sexual predator she met on line. Stars Clive Owen, Catherine Keener, Liana Liberato, Jason Clark, Noah Emmerich, and Spencer Cumutt. Written by Andy Bellin and directed by David Schwimmer.
Jane Eyre "Jane Eyre" rated pg-13
based on a novel by Charlotte Bronte. As an orphaned child, Jane Eyre is first cruelly abused by her anut, then cast out and sent to a charity school. Though she meets with further abuse, she receives an education, and eventually takes a job as a governess at the estate of Edward Rochester. Stars Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Bell, Judi Dench, Sally Hawkins, and Holliday Grainger. Written by Moira Buffini and directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga.
Insidious "Insidious" rated pg-13
Parents take drastic measures when it seems their new home is haunted and their comatose son is possessed by a malevolent entity. Stars Patrick Wilson, Ros Byrne, Lin Shaye, Ty Simpkins, and Barbara Hershey. Written by Leigh Whannell and directed by James Wan.
Kill the Irishman "Kill the Irishman" rated r
Mobster Danny Greene ignites a turf war in 1970's Cleveland that leads to the collapse of the Mafia in several major U.S. Cities. Stars Ray Stevenson, Val Kilmer, Christopher Walken, Tony Darrow, Tony LoBianco, and Linda Cardellini. Written by Jonathan Hensleigh and Jeremy Walters. Directed by Jonathan Hensleigh.
Source Code "Source Code" rated pg-13
Helicopter pilot Colter Stevens is part of a top-secret military operation that enables him to experience the last few minutes in the life of Sean Fentress, a man who died in a commuter-train explosion. Stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright, Scott Bukula, and Michael Arden. Written by Ben Ripley and directed by Duncan Jones.
Hop "Hop" rated pg
Beneath Easter Island, in a giant factory that manufactures the world's Easter candy, the popular rabbit is preparing to pass the mantle to his son, E.B., but E.B. has no interest in the job and would rather be a drummer. He runs away to Los Angeles. Stars James Marsden, Russell Brand, Kaley Cuoco, Hank Azaria, Gary Cole, Elizabeth Perkins, David Hasselhoff, and Hugh Laurie. Written by Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio, and Brian Lynch. Directed by Tim Hill.
Cracks "Cracks" rated r
based on a novel by Sheila Kohler. Jealousy rears its head when a headmistress of an elite girls boarding school becomes obsessed with a new student. Stars Eva Green, Juno Temple, Maria Valverde, Imogen Poots, and Zoe Carroll. Written by Ben Court, Caroline Ip, and Jordan Scott. Directed by Jordan Scott.
I Am Number Four "I Am Number Four" rated pg-13
John Smith seems like an ordinary teenager, but he has a secret: He is an alien fugitive on the run from merciless enemies who are hunting him and the eight others like him. Stars Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Dianna Agron, and Teresa Palmer. Written by Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, and Marti Novon. Directed by D.J. Caruso.
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