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Gravestone Art:


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The Meaning of Early Gravestone Art:

Anchors and ships: The seafaring profession
Arches: Victory in death
Arrows: Mortality
Bouquets: Condolences, grief
Buds: Renewal of life
Bugles: The resurrection and the military
Candle being snuffed: Time, mortality
Coffins: Mortality
Crossed swords: High-ranking military person
Darts: Mortality
Doves: The soul, purity
Father Time: Mortality, the grim reaper
Flowers: Brevity of early existence, sorrow
Flying birds: Flight of the soul
Fruits: eternal plenty
Garlands: Victory in death
Imps: Mortality
Hand of God Chopping: Sudden death
Handshake: Farewell to earthly existence
Hearts: The soul in bliss, love of Christ
Horns: The resurrection
Hourglass: Swiftness of time
Lambs: Innocence
Picks and shovels: Mortality
Portals: Passageway to the eternal journey
Roses: The brevity of earthly existence
Sheaves of Wheat: Time, the divine harvest
Shells: The pilgrimage of life
Suns: The resurrection
Thisles: Remembrance
Tombs: Mortailty
Trees: Life
Trumpeters: Heralds of the resurrection
Willows: Earthly sorrow
Winged Death's head: Mortality
Winged Effigies: The flight of the soul

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Information courtesy of Wanda Pohlman