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The DaVinci Code "The DaVinci Code" rated pg 13
Based on the novel by Dan Brown. Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), a famous symbologist, is on the run for a murder he didn't commit. His only hope of clearing himself is through the granddaughter of the victim and finding the Holy Grail before the killers do. Also stars Audrey Tautou, Ian McKellen, Alfred Molina, Paul Bettany, Jean Reno, and Etienne Chicot. Written by Akiva Goldsman and directed by Ron Howard.
Over the Hedge "Over the Hedge" rated pg
Based on the comic strip. RJ (Bruce Willis), a racoon has lost the sleeping bears food and only has a day or so to replace it or he is dead. He finds a group of animals who will help him and they venture into the nearby human city in order to partake in their trash cans. Also stars Garry Shandling, Steve Carell, Gene Wilder, William Shatner, Allison Janney, Wanda Sykes, Thomas Haden Church, Avril Lavigne, Eugene Levy, and Nick Nolte. Written by Len Blum and Lorne Cameron. Directed by Tim Johnson, and Karey Kirkpatrick.
Akeelah and the Bee "Akeelah and the Bee" rated pg
Akeelah is an 11 year-old girl in South LA who feels she doesn't belong anywhere. Her teacher recommends that she participate in their spelling bee because she is a good student. She finds a coach to help her and discovers that she is really good with words. Stars Keke Palmer, Laurence Fishburn, Angela Bassett, Curtis Armstrong, Lee Thompson Young, and Dalia Phillips. Written and directed by Doug Atchison.
Silent Hill "Silent Hill" rated r
A woman searches for her missing daughter in a town that has been put in darkness. Stars Radha Mitchell, Laurie Holden, Sean Bean, Kim Coates, and Tanya Allen. Written by Roger Avary and Roger Roberts. Directed by Christophe Gans.
The Sentine "The Sentinel" rated pg-13
Based on a bood by Gerald Petievich. A fugitive Secret Service agent must clear his name of a friends murder and also save the life of the president. Stars Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, Kim Basinger, Eva Longoria, David Rasche, Gloria Reuben, and Danny A. Gonzales. Written by George Nolfi and directed by Clark Johnson
Friends with Money "Friends with Money" rated r
Three maried couples and their one single friend work with ups and downs of life together. Some have more money than others. Stars Jennifer Aniston, Joan Cusack, Catherine Keener, Frances McDormand, Jason Isaacs, Ty Burrell, and Simon McBurney. Written and directed by Nicole Holofcener.
The Wild "The Wild" rated g
Samson, a young lion who has been raised in captivity finds himself accidently plucked from the New York Zoo and taken to Africa. His pals try and rescue him from the Wild. Voices of Kiefer Sutherland, Eddie Izzard, Jonathan Kimmel, James Belushi, William Shatner, Don Cherry, and Doninic Scott Kay. Written by Ed Decter, Mark Gibson, Philip Halprin, and John J. Strauss. Directed by Steve "Spaz" Williams.
The Benchwarmers "The Benchwarmers" rated pg-13
A millionaire helps three nerdy budies from a baseball team aimed at beating the Little Leaguers, who are bullies. Stars Jon Heder, Brooke langton, Rob Schneider, Jon Lovitz, Tim Meadows, David Spade, and Jilian Henry. Written by Allen Covert and Nick Swardson. Directed by Dennis Dugan.
Find Me Guilty "Find Me Guilty" rated r
The true story of gangster Jack NiNorscio (Vin Diesel), who defends himself, instead of turning Mob informant. Also stars Peter Dinklage, Annabella Sciorra, Ron Silver, Richard Portnow, and Alex Rocco. Writtin by J.J. Mancini, Robert McCrea, and Sidney Lumet. Directed by Sidney Lumet.
TsoTsi "TsoTsi" rated r
Subtitled. An angry young man from the ghettos in South Aftrica is forced to face his anger and the consequences of his violence. Stars Presley Chweneyagae, Mothusi Magano, Isreal Makoe, Percy Matsemela, and Jerry Mofokeng. Written and directed by Gavin Hood.
Joyeux Noel "Joyeux Noel" rated pg-13
Subtitled. On Christmas Eve 1914, during WWI, opposing troops (Scottish, French, German, and Danish) put down their weapons, shake hands, and share the holidays together. Stars Diane Kruger, Benno Furmann, Guillaume Canet, Gary Lewis, Dany Boon, Daniel Bruhl, and Alex Ferns. Written and directed by Christian Carion
  "Fateless" not rated.
Subtitled. A young boy during the holocaust, takes a wrong bus to work one day and ends up bound for Auschwitz, where he fights not only for his life but for his humanity. Stars Marcell Nagy, Tibor Mertz, Jeno Nagy, Bela Dora, and Peter Vallai. Written by Imre Kertesz and directed by Lojos Koltai Lajos.
Scary Movie 4 "Scary Movie 4" rated pg-13
Cindy Campbell, her sex-crazed friend, Brenda, and clueless Tom Ryan team up to save the world from an alien invasion. Stars Anna Faris, Criag Bierko, Carmen Electra, Regina Hall, Dr. Phil, Leslie Nielsen, and DeRay Davis. Written by Jim Abrahmas, Craig Mazin, and Pat Proft. Directed bu Davod Zucker.
Thank you for Smoking "Thank you for Smoking" rated r
Based on the novel by Christopher Buckley. Nick (Aaron Eckhart) is a big tobacco lobyist, brilliant at what he does. He has all kinds of ideas on how to keep smoking popular, but can he do a good job and remain a good role model for his son. Also stars Maria Bello, Cameron Bright, Adam Brody, Sam Elliott, Katie Holmes, William H. Macy, Dennis Miller, Rob Lowe, and Robert Duvall. Written and directed by Jason Reitman.
Lucky Number Slevin "Lucky Number Slevin" rated r
Mistaken identity? Slevin (Josh Hartnett) is in the middle of a rival gang war between the Rabbi and the Boss and also being watched by a detective and and assassin. He must get out of this someway. Also stars Ben Kingsley, Morgan Freeman, Stanley Tucci, Bruce Willis, Danny Aiello, and Lucy Lu. Written by Jason Smilovic and directed by Paul McGuigan.
Take the Lead "Take the Lead" rated pg-13
Pierre Dulaine (Antonio Banderas) usually teaches the rich and famous to dance but decides to go to a pubic high school and teach the kids in detention. Based on fact, he finally helps his students and they win a ballroom dance contest. Also stars Robert Brown, Alfre Woodard, Yaya DaCosta, Dante Basco, Lauren Collins, and El ijah Kelley. Written by Dianne Houston and directed by Liz Friedlander.
Ice Age: The Meltdown "Ice Age: The Meltdown" rated pg
The age of ice is melting, which is bad for the cute furry friends who inhabit the cold. Diego, Manny and Sid must warn their fellow animals and hope they catch the boat so they won't drown. A sequel to the 2002 film. Stars Ray Momano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Queen Latifah, Josh Peck, and Seann William Scott. Written by Jon Vitti and directed by Carlos Saldanha.
Ask the Dust "Ask the Dust" rated r
Beautiful Mexican, Camilla, (Salma Hayek) dreams of risng above her station, when she meets a charismatic writer. They clash in personality, but things get complicated. Based on an novel by John Fante. Also stars Colin Farrell, Donald Sutherland, Idina Menzel, William Mapother, and Tamara Craig Thomas. Written and directed by Robert Towne.
ATL "ATL" rated pg-13
A tale set in Atlanta about four friends and how they struggle with their new desires, including the call for easy money. It has great hip-hop music and lots of roller skating. Based on real-life experiences of two of the producers. Stars Big Boi, Lonette McKee, T.I., Bone Crusher, Deith David, Jackie Long, and Evan Ross Naess. Written by Antwone Fisher, Tina Gordon Chism, Joe Robert Cole, and Gina France Bythewood. Directed by Chris Robinson.
Basic Instinct 2 "Basic Instinct 2" rated r
The deadly Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) moves from San Francisco to London, but Scotland Yard is on the case. A psychologist is assigned to her case after a murder occurs. He is wise to her charms but has dreams about her. Also stars David Morrissey, Charlotte Rampling, David Thewlis, and Hugh Dancy. Written by Leora Barish and Henry Bean. Directed by Michael Caton-Jones.
Stay Alive "Stay Alive" rated pg-13
A bunch of teenagers enjoy playing on new online horror game, which has not been released to the public. The only thing different about this one is that the real player die like the player in the game. Stars Samaire Armstrong, Jim Bishop, Sophia Bush, Jon Foster, Frankie Muniz, Billy Louviere, and James Haven. Written by William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman. Directed by William Brent Bell.
Failure to Launch "Failure to Launch" rated pg-13
Tripp (Matthew McConaughey), who still lives with his parents, meets Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker), who is a pro at getting people to do things, like move out of the house. It backfires and they fall for each other. Also stars Jooey Deschanel, Terry Bradshaw, Kathy Bates, and Justin Bartha. Written by Tom J Astle and Matt Ember. Directed by Tom Dey.
The Hills Have Eyes "The Hills Have Eyes" rated r
A remake, the Carter clan gets lost in the desert after being told to follow a short-cut by a man at the last gas starion. They meet a group of blood thirsty things that try and kill them. Stars Desmond Askew, Emilie de Ravin, Dan Byrd, Kathleen Quinlan, Tom Bower, and Ted Levine. Written by Gregory Levasseur and Alexandre Aja. Directed by Alexandre Aja.
Inside Man "Inside Man" rated r
A cop versus a desperate bank robber whose crime has become violent. He takes over a Manhattan bank and takes hostages. The cop (Denzel Washington) tries to outwit him until a third party comes in with a hidden agenda. Also stars Clive Owen, Jodie Foster, Willem Dafoe, Kim Director, Chrisopher Plummer, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Written by Adam Erbacher and directed by Spike Lee.
The Shaggy Dog "The Shaggy Dog" rated pg
Dave Douglas (Tim Allen) has this irritating condition, scratching, but it isn't from dandruff. He turns into a sheepdog after being bitten by one that is thousands of years old. He has to find out why this is happening so he becomes a better husband and dad. Also stars Robert Downey, Jr., Danny Glover, Kristin Davis, Craig Kilborn, Jane Curtin, and Spencer Breslin. Written by Cormac and Marianne Wibberley. Directed by Brian Robbins.
Cache "Cache" rated r
A TV host maned Georges gets a package in the mail. Inside is a video taken of his family, shot from an angle that seems to come from the street. The tape's footage grows incresingly personal, he feels it has something to do with his past. This film is subtitled. Stars Juliette Binoche, Daniel Auteull, Maurice Benichou, and Annie Girardot. Written and directed by Michael Haneke.
Date Movie "Date Movie" rated pg-13
Julia Jones is a lonely girl who is overweight and want to find a man.... she has work done and finds someone who she can love. A spoof on Scarry Movie, Mr & Mrs. Smith, and many more movies. Stars Alyson Hannigan, Adam Campbell, Eddie Griffin, Jennifer Coolidge, and Tony Cox. Written and directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.
Underworld: Evolution "Underworld: Evolution" rated r
Another war between the werewolves and vampires, as Death Dealers and the Lycans are getting ready for a final beatdown. Senes's origins are causes for the current war, she created the ultimate monster, a cross between a vampire and a werewolf. Stars Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Shane Brolly, Tony Curran, and Michael Sheen. Written by Danny McBride and directed by Len Wiseman.
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrade "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrade" rated r
Ranch foreman Pete Perkins "Tommy Lee Jones" tries to fulfill a promise to his recently deceased friend to bury him in his hometown in Mexico. He finds a lot of mystery in the return. Also stars, Barry Pepper, Julio, Cesar Cedillo, Dwight Yoakam, January Jones, Vanessa Bauche, and Melissa Leo. Written by Guillermo Arriaga and directed by Tommy Lee Jones.
V for Vendetta "V for Vendetta" rated r
In the future, Britain, Germany has won World War II, the region is run as a facist state. A masked vigilante known as "V" conducts terroristic raids on the police. This leads to the underdogs revolting against tyranny, destroying two London landmarks. Stars Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, John Hurt, Stephen Rea, Rupert Graves, Sinead Cusack, and Stephen Fry. Written by Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski. Directed by James McTeigue.

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