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American Pie 2 "American Pie 2" rated R
The sequel to American Pie this takes place in 1999. Enjoyed the first one more; but this one did have some funny lines.
Some college kids rent a house on the lake for the summer and what fun they have. Oz (Chris Klein) is without a girlfriend, she is in Paris, and Jim (Jason Biggs) is preparing for a dream girl Nadia. Also stars Casey Affleck, Seann William Soctt and Tara Reid. Some of the situations are hilarious, but would have to rate American Pie better in the long run.

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"O" rated R
It is a Shakespearean tragedy set in modern time in an American high school. Martin Sheen is the basketball coach at a prep school. On his team are Josh Hartnett (his son in he movie), and Mekhi Phifer (a black scholarship student). Julia Stiles plays the daughter of the dean who falls in love with Odin (Mekhi Phifer).. The jealous son, of the coach, causes a big rift and lots of tragedy.
I really enjoyed the movie but was frustrated by events throughout the entire move.
The Deep End "The Deep End" rated R
Written and directed by David Siegel and Scott McGahen.
A mother (Tilda Swinton) finds her son is leading a secret gay life with a bar owner. This leads to a murder and cover up one suspecting the other of the murder. An investigator (Gorin Visnjic) happens on the scene which attacts the mother. Lots of intrigue in this one, sources say Tilda might be a possible oscar candidate!

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"Jeepers Creepers" rated R
The special effects are about the only good thing to say about this one; maybe!
It's about two college students going home that happen upon a church; at which a man(monster) is throwing dead bodies down a chute. The go into the chuch basement and find hundreds of dead bodies and of course then the chase is on.. Gina Phillips and Justin Long star in this movie.
Hardball "Hardball" rated PG-13
Starring Keanu Reeves as a down and out gambler with Diana Ladd as a school teacher. This is a great movie.
Takes place in the tenement district of Chicago. Keanu is assigned to a baseball team of young students in exchange for money. Finds that these kids have a rough home life and really likes them. it urns it into a positive experience, except for some language is suitable for 10 and up. Directed by Brian Robbins.
Hearts in Atlantis "Hearts in Atlantis" rated PG-13
Based on book by Stephen Kings;directed by Scott Hicks and written by William Galman. An excellent movie that follows much the book at the beginning and end.
A grown photographer, Bobby Garfield (David Morse), returns to his home town and recalls his childhood (flashbacks) with his mother (Hope Davis) and his friends Carol (Mika Boorem) and Sully (Will Rathhaar). Ted Brautigan (Anthony Hopkins) moves in an upstairs apartment and changes everyones life. Bobby (whos father is dead) and Ted become friends, and Bobby helps Ted fend off the unknown and the past.
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