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April 8, 1982


A good example of how The Review Times gets circulated outside the area again came to my attention recently.

Edna Hatfield had a birthday on Dec. 8, her 102nd, and The Review Times carried a front page story and photo. Having been a teacher in the public schools for so many years, Mrs. Hatfield's birthday brings her lots of mail.

She received a belated birthday greeting from Don Greenwood, but she couldn't recall the name or the face. Other than the signature, there was no return address. The envelope was postmarked Royal Oak, MI.

Because I receive many letters and have a wide acquaintanceship, Mrs. Hatfield wondered if I knew Don Greenwood. I didn't. The only clue was in the birthday note from Greenwood, saying, "Mrs. Wade sent me a clipping of the story about you".

Then recently, doing some research for the Episcopal Church article, I came across the names of the Greenwood family in the church's record books, including Don, when they resided in Fostoria.

A telephone call to Augusta Wolf, a member of the Episcopal Church, revealed that Marie Greenwood, sister of Don, married John Wade, former Fostorian, and son of Mrs. Ora Wade, 426 W. Fremont St.

So, it was a simple matter to telephone Mrs. Wade and learn that she sent the Hatfield story to Marie, and she sent it to Don.

Many news items and articles appear in The Review Times, the "hometown" paper, for many who lived here and moved away, and the kinfolk or friends still here, cut out the items and send them on.

That's how "The Review Times gets around" and keeps former Fostorians informed.


"Dear Mr. Krupp: I was so pleased to read your article about Trinity Episcopal Church as the church was such a big part of my life in Fostoria. I was especially happy to have been able to have our two children in the little old church just before it was torn down".

"I was delighted to read that Maude O'Connell was still living. This past Christmas my card to her was returned by the post office. Now I shall be able to write to her and wish her a happy Easter".

"John and I have been living in Lakewood since leaving Fostoria in 1955. John is associated with the First National Supermarkets in Cleveland as senior vice president of legal affairs and corporate secretary.

Mrs. John E. Wade
(Marie Greenwood Wade)


"Dear Paul: This is a little late but you know we were thinking of you. Saw in the paper where you had returned home, and hope you are well on the road to recovery".

"We also want you to know how much we enjoy your articles in the paper. I (Dorothy) get the RT paper and cut out your items and send to my brother Mike Smith in Lima, and if he thinks Ben Flechtner in Texas would enjoy it, sends it on to him. Ben is a brother to Bob, both former Fostorians. The articles make the rounds".

"The Bible class you featured with several pictures (North Main Street Story), Mike has them all pasted together. The Everet Smith you said was the teacher was my father Eugene (Everet True, a lot of people called him). He was manager of TF&F. He sure was proud of that class".

"I am sending you a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would be so kind to send me Mildred (Schlatter) Chesley's and Margaret (Clink) Sullivan's addresses. They were my neighbors on Fremont Street, and I didn't know what happened to them".

"I have a little story on George Schlatter. We had the Horatio Alger series of books. George's parents didn't want him to read them. Well, unbeknown to us George would come in and lay on the den floor and read every book in the book case. From what we hear they didn't hurt him at all".

"I remember the Palmer Rogers home quite well as I passed it many years when we lived on Tiffin Street. Mrs. Beckwith also had an electric car".

"Mike's wife died last July of cancer of the bone and my husband died last November of complications, so Mike and I are loners now. We are the only two left out of eight children.

Dorothy (Smith) Gardner, Columbus Mike Smith, Lima

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