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April 13, 1977


Pix:  Picture of Stanton Carle used in Report.

Fostoria stockholders of American Telephone & Telegraph Co. will be surprised
when they scan the company's annual report for this year to find a photo of
a former Fostorian, Stanton Carle, at his desk in the office of the Wyoming
Post-Herald, Wyoming, Illinois.

Here's how it happened.  The theme of the 1976 annual AT&T report is "The
Telephone in America."  The theme is carried out pictorially at intervals
throughout the report.  The cover shows a Bell Telephone truck on the
square in Covington, Ga.  Other photos show pay-telephone booths in New York
City, a repair truck in San Francisco, repairmen at work on cable strung
through the rain-forest near Mt. Hood, Washington, a vacant apartment in
Boston overlooking Beacon Hill, and still other typical scenes about the
telephone in America.

A great amount or time and expense was expended in selecting the photos.  For
the typical weekly newspaper, they looked for one in the Illinois area, with
the name on the front window.  There were several other prospects in the
weekly newspaper category, but in the end, after taking about 400 photos of
the Post-Herald alone, it was the winner.  AT&T must have liked what they
saw at the Post-Herald.

The brief descriptive text about the AT&T report says: "The telephone
in America.  Over the cource of a hundred years, the telephone ...almost
without our noticing it...has become an integral part of our society, a
pervasive factor in our daily lives.  Throughout big cities, in
country town, in big business and small...the telephone has become an
indispensable, If taken-for-granted, element in the way we work and the way
we live".

The Post-Herald had this to say about the selection: "Naturally, we're
proud to be singled out as a typical weekly paper and to be able to carry
some note of Wyoming, Illinois, throughout the world.  After all, the AT&T
company has about 2,950,000 stockholders and that picture of Wyoming will
be going into at least that many homes, many of them in foreign countries."

Fostoria stockholders of AT&T will, of course, feel gratified that Stanton
Carle, who grew up in Fostoria, and was associated with his father's
newspaper The Fostoria Times, should be so honored.

In a recent POTLUCK column, there appeared a story about The Fostoria Times,
in which it was reported that Stanton Carle published two weeklies at his
Wyoming Post-Herald.

Prior to his unexpected death last Thursday, I had received a letter from
Stanton, informing me that he had sold the newspaper in 1976 and was serving
the new owner as editor only.

The sale of the newspaper came too late to allow Stanton and his wife
Margaret to enjoy well-earned retirement.  In addition to managing the paper,
Stanton contributed a weekly column to the paper, as did his wife.

The Carles were making plans, enthusiastically, to return to Fostoria this
spring to attend high school class reunions, according to information
received here by friends.  Both of them enjoyed meeting old Fostoria friends
whenever they returned in past years.

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