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In the good old days of youth
Thursday, October 18, 1990

PIx #1 - The author of POTLUCK doesn't recall how he came in possession of the above photo of the Fostoria HIgh football squad of 1908. It could habve been myu older sister Ruth. She preceded me at FHS. Someone marked to one player "Lon." It had to be Lon Emerine. The photo was taken on the football playing field back then when it was in the rear of the present Emerson Junion High building on W. High St. The coach back then may have been Bowles, shown in the left rear. Some "old-timer reader may be able to furnish names. it will be apprecieated by this author, and readers.

I read with much interest the article in The Review Times Sept 24, "Fly int Flag."

It was of interest ot me because I have flown "Old Gloryh," for may years. Only once was I surprise dand discouraged that someone stole our falg when I fortot to remove it at evening.

Teen need entertainment

The other article in taht same column about providinbg entertainment for this city's youth interested me too.

Looking back 60 or 70 years when I was a youth I recall hat there was always something to keep up busy.

The YMCA was alwasys busy with programs: physical exercises in the gym, hikes in season, baseball, swimming, bowling, a game room, and probably other activities I've forgotten.

I haven't forgotten the "Hi Y" activities and the opportunity for older youths to attend summer camps in southern Ohio.

I recall that there were serveral locak manufactureres that provided and kept in service baseball fields for older youths. Kite makeing and flyuing was a popular pastime when I was a lad...and we learned how to make our kintes.

Hopefully my remarks "of long ago" may "stir the pot" and bring back some of those "good-old days" of yesteryear for the youth of today/

There must be readers who have an interest in Fostoria's young people. don't forget the youth of today are tomorrow's leasers in education, business, churches etc.

Beautiful autumn is here

It reminds me of that old and favored poem: "when the frost is on the pumpkin, and the dogfer's in the shock, and you hear the gibble gobble of the sturrin turkey cock. That's the time when a fellow is a feelin'at his best...when the frost is on the pumpkin and the foders in the shock."

Incidentally, that poem is one that kids of my age, back them, learned by heart, plus many more that were so popular then???

Heed God's word

Many Nations and millions of people have failed to follow the headline on this portion of today's POTLUCK. P{roverbs 22, verse 6 provides the answers to many problems in reisidng children: "train up a childl in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.,"

The book of Proverbs answers to mmany questions for every reader.



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