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Attics source of past history
Thursday, June 2, 1988


Pix #1 - Who are they? Many family attics contain photos of family ancestors that are never identified just like the above illustrations. Those photos may be of war heroes, important business people, office holders, teacher, preachers, etc. Check yours and identify for future reference.

Sometime ago, Dr. S.R. Markey, M.D. paid me a visit to present a photograph that was discovered in the attic where the Markeys live.

Dr. Markey believed it was a photo of Mr. and Mrs. James Ball. Ball has been mentioned in the Potluck column on more than one occasion as a photographer in Fostoria many years ago.

Markey's belief that the photo was of the Balls was because the name "Jimmy Ball" was written on the reverse side.

After a lapse of some time, I showed the photo to Sonny Sackett, quite a historian about Fostoria and Fostoria residents. Sackett and I discussed the photo and the Ball family. He divulged information that Ball was part of the Richards family, once residents of the house on N.W. corner of N. Main and Highs Sts.

Mrs. Jimmie Richards solved quandary So, Sackett sent a photocopy of the photo to Mrs. Jimmie Richards in California. The answer came back that the photo from Markey


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