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Good an dunforturnate memories of fostoria glass factories
Thursday, August 8, 1989

Pix #1 - Ray corburn, a part of the glass industry in fostoria;'s earlier days, looks at sme of his collection of artifacts.

Pix #2 - This photo was snapped when Fostoia was celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 1954, and the city hadn't forgotten how the glass industry was important in its earlier days, and that Ray Coburn was part of that era.

Pix #3 - A group of employees that worked ath the Lower Glass Factory. NOne identified. Readers that can aidentify any faces please call me or drop a note.

(Author's note: The last two articles relatee to the start of the "Glass Era" in our town, and where the many factories that made a variety of glass products were located. Today's article tells the sad tale of their demise.)

Two of the factories that once made glass products in Fostoria, but later moved to West Virginia sites are no longer in existence. They were Fostoria Glass co., which relocated in Moundsville, and Haxel-Atlas in Wheeling. That information and much more was provided by Ray coburn, Fostoria's only living glass worker from that interesting and exciting era.

Factories started to leave in 1891

Although Fostoria Glass Co. moved to W. virginia in 1891, the general exodus of the industry from fostoria was in 1894.

As the supply of gass played out, it became necessary to pipe the gas from nearby communities to supply the fuel, thus incereaing the cost. sos expense of manufacturing glass in Fostoria became prohibitive. One by one the glass plants left to go to other locatilities where they put down their own wells or purchased coal-producing land for th emanufacture of gas or where other inducements were offered by other communities.

depart firm held on to name 'fostoria Glass'

The exodus of the glass industry from Fostoria did not mean its end. \the move of fostoria Glass to Moundsville increased the production there. Durning its first 10 yhears, which included its entire life in this city, fostoia mad epressed wasre, and large quantities were sent ot metal-working companies, "mounters", since they mounted silver and nickel tops and frames around glass articles of all kings.

About 1897, after the firm had left here for the W. virginia location, oil-burning lamps were added to the line and som became a majhor part of the production. Undoubledly some Poluck readers may have one of those oil buringin lamps which have been kept in the family, or other Fostoria glass wasre items. Many years ago, whin I was a school crossing guared, a car pulled up at my corner and inquired where fostorai Glass Factorry was located in Fostoria...they wasnted to purchase some glassware.

Fostoria factory was well-kknown

Years ago, if you were to go into almost any glass plant in the Midwest and ask any old-timer there about fostorai, you would find that if they were in th glass business in the late 1880's or early 1890's they would have had some experience in one of the glass plants previously located in fostoria.

An article in the Janyuary, 1933, issur of the now defunct "West Virginia Review" probable gives it aas good a name as the glass industry could coin. the name of the article? "fostoria -- The Magic Crystal."

How coburn

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them in the photo." Of course, blowing glass was right up his alley from earlier days.

Heed god's word

(This portion of today's article is taken from SEEDLINGS published by

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to be solved by lore of science,
logic of reason, or occult mind;
It is to be lived thru thie mind
of spirit, by faith and grace,m
in peace and joy, with

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