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Mary's Community - Movies4

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Before Night Falls BEFORE NIGHT FALLS-
(Southwyke Art Cinema)
Before Night Falls (rated r), is based on Reinaldo Arenas autobiography.
Javier Bardem does a great job in the lead role (Oscar material). The movie traces his life from childhood, to his life in exile in New York City.
Arenas lived as a political dissident, homosexual in Cuba in the 1940's. His was a very difficult life, dying of aides at an early age.
The movie was very difficult to follow; old film clips, included in the new movie. Background pictures made it hard to read some of the subtitles; with the movie being in English along with parts subtitled.

Really enjoyed this movie, with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. What charisma between the two actors!!!
It is shot in LA and Mexico; has lots of humor, some violence, and James Gandofini (from the Sopranos) does a great job also.

15 Minutes 15 MINUTES- rated R
(Maumee Cinema)
Of course Robert Deniro is always good in whatever he is in. Has a great cast; Edward Burns, Kelsey Grammer (from Frasier), and Melina Kanakaredes (from Providence).
A New York City detective teams up with a arson investigator to track down a couple of cold blooded killers who are making a movie of their escapades.
Really violent and lots of action.
Enemy at the Gates ENEMY AT THE GATES- rated R
(Maumee Stadium theater)
What a movie to see on the big screen!
It is based on a true story of Soviet World War II snipe,r Vassily Zeitsev, played by Jude Law. Other actors include Bob Hoskins, Ed Harris, Joseph Fiennes, and Rachel Weisz. Some violence but great acting, writing, directing, and produced by Juan-Jacques Annaud.
(Carmike Theater Findlay)
Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt star in this comedy along with Gene Hackman and Ray Liotta. The two women lure the rich men, marry them and then try to get all there money... very slow, could have cut about 20 minutes off of it.

POLLOCK- rated R
(Columbus (Bexley) to the Drexel)
What a good movie. Ed Harris and Marcia Gay Harden were superb, would have picked Marcia Gay Harden as best supporting actress if I had seen the movie earlier.
Based on a true story of abstract artist Jackson Pollock in the 1940's. It shows his turmoil and rage in life, but what a talented artist.


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