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NWOIAAA - Message from the President

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Message from the President

I hope your start to this school year has been a smooth one. I am sure those of you that are winning football games are doing fine. People want to complain that we put to much emphasis on athletics. Then why do we feel we have a better chance passing a levy if our football team is winning or most of the talk at the class re-union is about athletics during our high school days? How often do you discuss English class or Math class at your class re-union? Reality? Athletics are an important part of the high school. Many people just need to keep them in perspective.

As I returned home from the OIAAA State Conference, I was hoping that all of you that attended enjoyed the conference as much as I did. The conversations with fellow AD’s are invaluable. The presenters did a good job of giving us new information and new ideas. The info-mercial on College Recruiting was very good. I didn’t spend the $400.00 to purchase the program, however I received great information about recruiting. The round table discussions at the NWOIAAA hospitality hour was very productive also. It is nice to know that all of us face many of the same problems. Some of us deal with them differently, which gives us ideas how to make things better at our schools. Also, don’t forget to receive that 1.6 CEU’s for certificate renewal.

Our membership is growing. It is my job to make you feel like being a member of the NW-OIAAA is worthwhile. I am sure many of you see the benefits of the NW-OIAAA during the OIAAA State Conference. (at least those of you that were in attendance in the NW-OIAAA hospitality room.)

I am sure you are thinking that you can not afford the time away from your office to attend a conference. Just the opposite is true. Getting away can refresh you and get you motivated. Mental health days are a very important part of longevity in this business. The selection of these dates affords all Athletic Administrators the opportunity to attend before all the chaos hits us.

Good luck and keep swimming!

Yours in Athletics

Kevin Calver
Athletic Administrator
Shelby High School
NW-OIAAA President



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