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Fostoria Museum

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Fostoria Museum
Post Office Box 142
Fostoria, Ohio 44830

Post Office Box 142
Fostoria, Ohio 44830

It all began . . .

In 1958 when the city began to realize that too many services were concentrated in the City Hall at 121 - 123 West North Street in Fostoria. The Fire, Police, Water, and Health Departments plus the Municipal Court were all in the City Hall. All of the city offices were also located there; the mayor, Service Director, the City Solicitor, and more.

A new city Municipal Building was completed in 1959 at 213 South Main Street. All City Departments, except the Fire Department were moved to the new building. An addition was constructed in 1964 to accommodate a Jail for the Police Department.

The Fire Department moved to the new building on the site of old Whittier grade school on Crocker Street in 1974.

The Fostoria Area Historical Society was incorporated as a nonprofit (501 C3) organization recorded by the Secretary of State on September 10, 1973.

The Fostoria Area Historical Society Museum leased the old City Hall at 121 - 123 West North Street from the Fostoria City Council. The building was vacant and had previously been used as a repository for Civil Defense and Hospital Rescue Equipment during the Cold War.

There had been considerable discussion by members who felt that the old Whittier School building would have been a good Museum for the Historical Society. Some very dedicated volunteers salvaged school desks, furniture, school clocks, correctional devices (paddles), and approximately 100 blackboard slates from the walls for the school building. The Historical Society proudly displays seven of these blackboards and desks in a class room that has been reproduced at the Museum.

Many volunteers worked diligently on the first floor of the new home of the Fostoria Area Historical Society Museum soon after the move in 1974. By the time the United States Bicentennial was celebrated in 1976, the Historical Society had a nice display of artifacts on exhibit.

One of the items that the Historical Society is especially proud of is a 1941 Seagraves Ladder Pumper Fire Truck which has been left by the Fostoria Fire Department when they moved to their new facility.

The old City Hall building was in need of repairs which included a new roof. With revenue sharing money and through donations by anonymous donors, the Historical Society was able to replace the roof.

Located on the second floor of the Museum, in the large front room, contains furniture and memorabilia of Charles "Calico Charlie" Foster. His father, Charles Foster Sr., helped to bring the communities of Rome and Risdon together in 1854 forming the city of Fostoria.


Type of Membership:
ADULT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 15.00
FAMILY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 25.00
BUSINESS OR CORPORATION: . . . . . . $ 30.00
LIFE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $200.00


For more information call Leonard Skonecki, President at (419) 435-3588

Make your check payable to the Fostoria Area Historical Society and mail the check along with your name, address & phone number to the address given at the top left of this page.

We will place you on our mailing list so that you will begin receiving our Newsletter. You are cordially invited to the monthly meetings held at the First Presbyterian Church on the corner of Perry and West Fremont Streets in Fostoria, Ohio. Meetings are generally held on a Sunday afternoon. Please call to confirm the date of the next meeting.

1:30 - 4:30 Saturdays
May - October
And by appointment
Call 435-3588

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- An Interesting Story -

The Seneca Motorcar Company

In 1916 Fostoria, Ohio was the home of the Seneca Motorcar Company located on South poplar Street. Their slogan was "a car built for the owner". This automobile sold for $1,085. The Fostoria Area Historical Society had a 1919 Seneca Motorcar exhibited for a number of years. This particular car's history was traced back to a sale to Harrah's Nightclub in Reno, Nevada. Harrah's sold their collection of automobiles to an enthusiast in Saudi Arabia. For some unknown reason, this car did not get loaded with the others and was left to the Reynold's Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada.

An advertisement for the sale of the car was discovered by Fostorian, Bill Murphy who notified Charles Ash, Ira Cadwallader, and Robert Watson who are the grandsons of the founders of the Seneca Motorcar Company. They purchased the car and brought it back to Fostoria and had it restored.

In June 1996, the Fostoria Historical Society together with the First Ohio Credit Union held a farewell party for the 1919 Seneca Motorcar at a Classic Car Cruise-In. It was an opportunity for the general public to view the Fostoria built automobile. It drew a large crowd complete with media coverage. The car was moved to the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus, Ohio.

The Allen automobile was built at the same time as the Seneca and is presently on display at the Museum.


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Message from the President
Open Dates
- NWOIAAA Membership Letter -
Nominations for "Hall of Fame & Athletic Director of the Year" are due to Steve Bouillon
by April 1st.
Forms & Applications
- Athletic Board -
Kevin Calver
Mary Ruth Crandall
  Vice President:
Steve Bouillon


Kevin Calver, President
Shelby High School
109 W. Smiley Ave S
helby, OH 44875
School - 419-342-5065
Fax - 419-342-5095
Home – 419-342-7567
Steve Bouillon, Vice President
New Riegel HS
44 N. Perry Street
PO Box 207
New Riegel, Ohio 44853
School - 419-595-2256
FAX - 419-595-2901
Home – 419-435-9531

Mary Ruth Crandall, Sec'y/Treas.
166 North State Rte. 587
Fostoria, OH 44830
Home – 419-435-8987

Kent Asher
Carey High School
357 E. South Street
Carey, OH 43316
School - 419-396-7104
Fax - 419-396-3158
Home – 419-396-7380
Bill Axe, CAA
Central Catholic H.S.
2550 Cherry Street
Toledo, OH 43608
School - 419-255-2280
Fax - 419-259-2849
Home – 419-381-7979
John Brueggemeier
Old Fort High School
7635 N. CR 51
Old Fort, OH 44861
School - 419-992-4291
Fax - 419-992-4293
Home – 419-447-4298
Jim Chambers CAA
Swanton High School
206 Cherry Street
Swanton, OH 43558
School- 419-826-3045
Fax- 419-826-1611
Mobile – 419-392-2075
Tim Erickson
Ottawa Hills High School
2532 Evergreen Road
Toledo, OH 43606
School – 419-536-8429
e-mail -
Burt Fiser
New Bremen High School
901 East Monroe Street
New Bremen, OH 45869
School – 419-629-2973
Home – 419-629-2262
Paul Holan
Anthony Wayne H.S.
5967Finzel Road
Whitehouse, OH 43571
School- 419-877-0927
Fax- 419-877-5028
Jim Huss
Scott High School
2400 Collingwood Blvd.
Toledo, OH 43620
School – 419-241-3693
Home – 419-244-6649
Larry Jones
Northveiw High School
5403 Silica Drive
Sylvania, OH 43560
School - 419-824-8713
Fax - 419-824-8698
e-mail -
Jim Offenbaker
Lima Sr. High School
1 Spartan Way
Lima, OH 45804
School – 419-998-2050
Home – 419-222-2262
Tim Rife
Riverdale High School
20613 State Route 37
Mt. Blanchard, OH 45867
School -419-694-2211
Home – 419-721-1717
Jim Ruth
Galion High School
200 North Union Street
Galion, Ohio 44883
School - 419-468-6500
FAX - 419-468-4333
Rick Brindley
Ashland High School
1440 King Road
Ashland, OH 44805
School – 419-289-7968
Home – 419-281-2410
Work – 419-281-8795
Thomas Hunter
Wapakoneta High School
1 Redskin Trail
Wapakoneta, OH 45895
work - 419-739-5206
home - 419-738-8292
e-mail -
Scott Bernthisel
Otsego High School
PO Box 290
Tontogany, OH 43565
work - 419-823-4911
home - 419-832-0233
e-mail -
  Doug Krauss
Archbold High School
600 Lafayette St
Archbold, OH 43502
work - 419-445-2583 (Ext. 5)
home - 419-445-8747
e-mail -


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Ohio High School Athletic Association Link to the Ohio High School Athletic Association

National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association


NWOIAAA - Minutes

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The NWOIAA Executive Board met on March 1, 2004, in Findlay. Those in attendance were: Paul Holan, Jim Chambers, Steve Bouillon, Kevin Calver, Kent Asher, Jim Ruth, Jim Huss, Tim Rife, Jim Offenbaker, Tim Erickson, Bill Axe, Scott Bernthisel, and Mary Ruth Crandall. President Kevin Calver called the meeting to order.

The February minutes were approved. A thank-you note from Ben Pohlman was read. Mary Ruth reported that there was a balance of $7643.43 in the treasury. The treasurer’s report was approved.


NWDAB Report: John Brueggemeier was not present; thus, Bill Axe reported the following: He asked for any seeding concerns. The feedback was that coaches were uncomfortable with the bottom seeds. Kent Asher asked that an additional official be assigned to sectional wrestling. Tim Rife suggested voting for basketball crews rather than individuals. Jim Chambers asked if the spaces for cheerleaders on the girls’ pass list could be filled with j.v. players. The answer was “No”.


OIAAA Report: Paul Holan reported the following: The big thing is that the state conference will be restructured. Rather than districts organizing the conference, there will be a large committee, headed by the OIAAA secretary. Each district will send a representative to the committee. The representative position will be a six- year term. A lot of the planning will be done on-line to alleviate many meetings. OIAAA is striving for more uniform boards to bring everyone together.


Old Business: The August Conference was discussed at length. The corporate sponsor is still in the works. Kevin Calver announced the schedule for the conference. On Monday, August 2, 2004, LTC courses 502 and 504 will be offered. There will also be a golf outing that day plus a Mud Hens game and a trip to Detroit. The following people will head the Monday activities: Bill Axe – LTC Courses; Paul Holan – Mud Hens Game; Larry Jones – golf outing; and Kevin Calver – Detroit trip. The Tuesday time schedule was set. Rick Mann, Lee Owens, and Paul Krebs will be speakers. Mini-sessions will be held on Corporate Sponsors and the criteria for re-conditioning. Steve Bouillon will purchase note pads. Mary Ruth and Steve Bouillon will do the registration table. Kent Asher and Jim Ruth will do the 50/50, and John Brueggemeier will be in charge of door prizes. Kent Asher made a motion that $300.00 be given to John Brueggemeier for door prizes. Jim Ruth, second. Passed unanimously. Jim Offenbaker made a motion that we have a grand door prize or prizes of $250.00. Jim Ruth, second. Passed unanimously. Tom Hunter will introduce Rick Mann; Kevin Calver – Lee Owens and Mike Van Nett – Paul Krebs. The dates for the OSU trip will be announced later. There was no report on the new shirts. Paul Holan will work on this.


New Business: The change of location was discussed. It was decided to stay at Waldo Peppers. Eric Goodwin’s resignation from the Board was accepted with regret. Bill Axe declined the Distinguished Service Award (Inside). He nominated Jim Chambers and the nomination was seconded by Steve Bouillon. Passed unanimously. OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE APRIL26, 2004 AT WALDO PEPPERS.


Jim Ruth moved for adjournment; Steve Bouillon, second.



Respectfully Submitted,


Mary Ruth Crandall


The NWOIAA Executive Board met on January 12, 2004, in Findlay. Those in attendance were: Paul Holan, Jim Chambers, Steve Bouillon, Kevin Calver, John Brueggemeier, Kent Asher, Jim Ruth, Jim Huss, Larry Jones, Tim Erickson, Tim Rife, Jim Offenbaker, Doug Krauss, Tom Hunter, Eric Goodwin, Scott Bernthisel, and Mary Ruth Crandall. President Kevin Calver called the meeting to order. He welcomed Scott Bernthisel (Otsego), Tom Hunter (Wapakoneta), and Doug Krauss (Archbold), as new members of the Board.

Paul Holan made a motion that the November minutes be approved, Jim Ruth, second. Passed unanimously. The minutes will be e-mailed. Mary Ruth reported that there was a balance of $7991.25 in the treasury. We now have 120 paid members or 70%. This is the best number we have had. Kent Asher made a motion that the treasurer’s report be accepted; Eric Goodwin, second. Passed unanimously.


NWDAB Report: John Brueggemeier reported the following: All winter tournament sites are on the web site. Feb. 1 will be the girls’ basketball draw. Division IV will be at 1:00 and the other divisions at 3:00. Feb. 8 will be the boys’ basketball draw. Feb. 12 at 6:00 will be the wrestling seed meeting. If the sectional basketball is a double header, the starting time will be 6:15 with the final starting at 7:00. Four basketball sites are polling places for the March primary; thus, those games will be played on March 1.


OIAAA Report: Paul Holan reported that a constitution change is being discussed which would add more members to the Board. He handed out information concerning an Athletic Administrator’s Master’s program Ohio University. New CAA requirements were discussed. Paul reported that two partnerships at the national level have been accepted at OIAAA. Information concerning a mentoring program for new athletic directors was passed out. At the present time only the northeast district is doing the mentoring. Establishing an Executive Director’s position is being discussed. This person’s position would provide continuity and stability in carrying through the president’s agenda. Sports’ proposals will now come first to the District Board, then to the Leagues and then back to the OIAAA for a vote.


Old Business: Kevin Calver welcomed Steve Bouillon as vice-president. There was much discussion concerning the spring conference. The goal is to have better attendance at this conference. A vote was taken and it was decided to hold the conference on August 2 and 3. On August 2 LTC courses will be held and there will be a golf outing. Larry Jones will get the golf course and organize the outing. Paul Holan will get group prices for a Mud Hens game the evening of August 2. Tuesday, August 3 will start the conference. Andy Geiger, Paul Krebs, Rick Mann and the new OHSAA commissioner will be contacted as possible speakers. Kevin reported that the mini-conference in Bluffton was a success. He is working with Mike Van Nett on a possible trip to Ohio State on “ Improving your Facilities”.


New Business: Steve Bouillon presented information on moving our meetings to Waldo Peppers. Jim Ruth made a motion that we hold our February 9 meeting at Waldo Peppers. Jim Huss, second. Passed unanimously. Eric Goodwin presented the following to be taken back to the District Board: Have an incentive for pre-sale of sectional and district basketball tickets by making the price at the door $1.00 higher. For example, $5.00 and $4.00 prices for pre-sale and all tickets at the door $6.00. There will be a Board photo taken at the next meeting. All members are asked to wear a shirt and tie. Spring award nominations will be due at the next meeting.


Jim Ruth moved for adjournment; Steve Bouillon, second.



Respectfully Submitted,


Mary Ruth Crandall



The NWOIAA Executive Board met on November 3, 2003, in Findlay. Those in attendance were: Paul Holan, Jim Chambers, Steve Bouillon, Kevin Calver, John Brueggemeier, Kent Asher, Jim Ruth, Jim Huss, Larry Jones, Burt Fiser, Tim Erickson, Tim Rife, and Mary Ruth Crandall. President Kevin Calver called the meeting to order.

Paul Holan made a motion that the September minutes be approved, Tim Erickson, second. Passed unanimously. The minutes will be e-mailed. Mary Ruth reported that there was a balance of $7952.75 in the treasury. Larry Jones made a motion that the treasurer’s report be accepted; Paul Holan,second. Passed unanimously.


NWDAB Report: John Brueggemeier reported the following: All winter tournament sites are on the web site except swimming, gymnastics and wrestling. There was a discussion of fall draws and feedback was given to John. It was also stated that the starting time for soccer meets on fields with no lights is too late. You end up playing in the dark. The question was brought up concerning the format at regional Cross Country. Rather than running Division III-II-I girls and then Division III-II-I boys, it could be run Division III girls then Division III boys etc. This would get teams home earlier and eliminate the standing around for teams.


OIAAA Report: Paul Holan reported that there had not been a meeting since he last reported. They will meet on November 16, 2003.


Old Business: Kevin Calver said that the forms on our web site should be checked to be sure they are up to date. We will continue to update our site. New photos need to be taken and the officers need to be updated. Mary Ruth was asked to put a list together of all members of the Executive Board. The Hospitality Room at the State Conference was the best ever. Next year we will bring our own T.V. and beverages. Other districts were impressed with our room. Next year we will have a sign-in so we know who has not paid dues.


New Business: After many nominations, Steve Bouillon was unanimously elected as vice-president of NWOIAA. Congratulations, Steve. It was reaffirmed that if an athletic administrator is not a member of NWOIAAA, he/she will not be eligible for any awards. The spring conference was discussed at length. Andy Geiger has been sent a letter concerning speaking at this conference. Kevin will call him November 5, 2003. Paul Keels, OSU announcer, was mentioned as a possible back up. The French Quarter in Perrysburg was mentioned as a possible site for our spring conference. Chip Ebert from Perrysburg will be asked to procure this site. LTC courses will be offered Thursday evening. It was suggested we offer more than 501 and 502. Larry Jones made a motion that the name of Steve Bouillon be added to our check signature card. Paul Holan, second. Passed unanimously. On November 25, from 9-12, there will be a Schedule Star mini-clinic held in Bluffton. This is for NWOIAAA members only. The clinic is free, and you will receive .3 CEU’s. Board members were asked to take that information back to their conference members. The January meeting will be held on January12, 2004. Congratulations to all Northwest District athletes who performed so well at State. We were very well represented at the State Cross Country Meet.


Jim Ruth moved for adjournment; Burt Fiser, second.



Respectfully Submitted,


The NWOIAA Executive Board met on September 17, 2003, in Findlay. This was the first meeting of the newly expanded Board. Those in attendance were: Paul Holan, Jim Chambers, Steve Bouillon, Kevin Calver, John Brueggemeier, Kent Asher, Jim Ruth, Eric Goodwin, Jim Huss, Larry Jones, Burt Fiser, Tim Erickson, Eric Goodwin, and Mary Ruth Crandall. President Kevin Calver called the meeting to order.

Paul Holan made a motion that the March minutes be approved, Larry Jones, second. Passed unanimously. The minutes will be e-mailed this year. Mary Ruth reported that there was a balance of $7200.28 in the treasury. Kent Asher made a motion that the treasurer’s report be accepted; John Brueggemeier, second. Passed unanimously.


NWDAB Report: John Brueggemeier reported the following: The NWDAB now has a website. The Board minutes will be on this website. The President is Larry Long and the vice-president is Bill Axe. Kim Mohoney and Hank Zaborniak will be present at the upcoming principals’ meeting. Each school will get $500.00 at this meeting. Volleyball & Socccer: At the draw meeting there will be no pills. Coaches will vote by ranking teams in order to determine seeds , the votes tallied and how each coach votes will be posted. Girls’ Sectional Basketball: There will be pre-sale tickets. Draw Dates: Volleyball – October 18, 1:00 pm – Div. IV; 3:00 pm Div. I-II-III. Soccer – September 28; Cross Country seed meeting – October 8. John reported winter sites have not yet been determined.


OIAAA Report: Jim Chambers deferred to Paul Holan. Paul reported that they had met in August and had gone over the State program. Mike Hyland is the Northwest District Hall of Fame candidate and Bert Fiser is the Northwest District Athletic Administrator of the Year. Bill Shumaker of Solon is the OIAAA president. The number of participants to comprise a swim team is seven. There is a new web site www. which is associated with schedule star. There were 120 new athletic administrators at the August drive-in conference. May 11, 2004, will be the OASSA administrators meeting with athletic administrators. Summer LTC courses were a success.


Old Business: New Members were introduced. There has been no response from the following conferences: Firelands, Buckeye Border, Green Meadows, North Central, and Suburban Lakes League. Board members must call Kevin Calver or Mary Ruth if they are unable to attend a Board meeting. Otherwise, they will be responsible for paying for their lunch. (We must give Findlay a count in advance. Newly typed award lists are out. Parking passes were handed out.


New Business: State Conference Hospitality room will be on Sunday from 8:00 pm to midnight. It will be in Salon B & C. The Caucus meeting will be Monday at 4:00 pm in the same place. Larry Jones made a motion to purchase beverages for the hospitality room from Mariott at a cost not to exceed $250.00. Eric Goodwin, second; passed unanimously. Updated Constitutions were handed out. Board meeting dates are as follows: Nov. 3, Jan 5, Feb 9, March 1, April 1 &2 (spring conference) and the May date with the Northwest District Board will be announced. The election of a Board vice-president will take place at the caucus meeting, Steve Bouillon and Jim Ruth will be co-Mr. Hospitality! Eric Goodwin made a motion to pay $200.00 for hospitality room supplies. Paul Holan, second. Passed unanimously.


Jim Ruth moved for adjournment; Burt Fiser, second.





Respectfully Submitted,




Mary Ruth Crandall


NWOIAAA - Message from the President

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Message from the President

I hope your start to this school year has been a smooth one. I am sure those of you that are winning football games are doing fine. People want to complain that we put to much emphasis on athletics. Then why do we feel we have a better chance passing a levy if our football team is winning or most of the talk at the class re-union is about athletics during our high school days? How often do you discuss English class or Math class at your class re-union? Reality? Athletics are an important part of the high school. Many people just need to keep them in perspective.

As I returned home from the OIAAA State Conference, I was hoping that all of you that attended enjoyed the conference as much as I did. The conversations with fellow AD’s are invaluable. The presenters did a good job of giving us new information and new ideas. The info-mercial on College Recruiting was very good. I didn’t spend the $400.00 to purchase the program, however I received great information about recruiting. The round table discussions at the NWOIAAA hospitality hour was very productive also. It is nice to know that all of us face many of the same problems. Some of us deal with them differently, which gives us ideas how to make things better at our schools. Also, don’t forget to receive that 1.6 CEU’s for certificate renewal.

Our membership is growing. It is my job to make you feel like being a member of the NW-OIAAA is worthwhile. I am sure many of you see the benefits of the NW-OIAAA during the OIAAA State Conference. (at least those of you that were in attendance in the NW-OIAAA hospitality room.)

I am sure you are thinking that you can not afford the time away from your office to attend a conference. Just the opposite is true. Getting away can refresh you and get you motivated. Mental health days are a very important part of longevity in this business. The selection of these dates affords all Athletic Administrators the opportunity to attend before all the chaos hits us.

Good luck and keep swimming!

Yours in Athletics

Kevin Calver
Athletic Administrator
Shelby High School
NW-OIAAA President



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