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If you know of an Allen car missing from this list, please contact Brent Allen at

Any technical or historical Allen questions can be emailed to Glenn Allen at


The remaining (known) Allen cars are presented in order of year/serial numbers.

1914 Allen Model # 40 Touring Serial #2727
Grant & Thomas Miller in North Carolina
1917 Allen Model
Serial #12773

Jim Carlson
1467 255th Rd.
Nodaway, IA 50857
1915 Allen Model # 34
Touring Serial # 4645

(Restoration currently underway)
Jim Carlson
1467 255th Rd.
Nodaway, IA 50857
1915 (16 or 17?) Allen Model # 37 Touring Serial # 14679
Allen & Marlene Edin in Minnesota
1916 Allen Model #37 Touring Serial # 7641
Jim Allen in Michigan
1917 Allen Model #37 Touring Serial #13494
Dee Buhr in Tennessee
1918 Allen "Classic"
Touring Serial # 18936

Fostoria Historical Society in Ohio

1919 Allen Model # 41
Touring Serial # 21009

Glenn & Ellen Allen in Michigan

1919 Allen Model #43
Touring - Serial number unknown
Jason Allen in California
1920 Allen Model #43
Touring – Serial # 50140

Michael Allen & Susan Berger
in Michigan.

Under Restoration
1921 Allen Model #43
Touring Serial #53316

Larry Gresh in Ohio


The Franklin Club

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Allen Auto
Allen Auto pictures & information, courtesy of Lyle Houser, Jr.
Lyle Sr. 1918 - The Franklin Club - Road Trip to California -

Franklin Club #1

Franklin Club #2

Franklin Club- Lyle Houser Sr and wife (then Gayle Sells) are on the left.
This picture was labeled the "Franklin Club Bunch"

Franklin Club #3



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