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March 9, 1978

PIX #1 thru #4 - Family Amspots - There were a variety of places for families or couples to spend the leisure hours in the early 1900's. At the top left is the auditorium in Findlay, while at the top right is Erie Beach, one of several spots on Lake Erie where people sought summer relief. At the left is a scene from Riverside Park in Findlay, where families swam and took boat rides. At the right is the steamship Greyhound, which provided trips to Canada on Lake Erie.

There were lots of places for families or dates to go in the early days of the 1900's other than those mentioned in previous POTLUCK columns.

Those who owned early model cars buzzed over to Findlay's Riverside Park if they tired of Meadowbrook or Reeves Parks.

At Riverside you could picnic, swim, go boating, dance or ride in the Steamer City of Findlay up the Blanchard river to the uptown area.

The accompanying photos taken in 1908 provide readers with nostaligic views of Riverside and the river during that area.

Lake Erie provided many popular beaches for swimming and picnics. There was Erie, Sandy, Gem, Terrace, and the very popular Cedar Point, to name a few. In those days the beaches and the water was clean.

One summer-time trip I never forget is the boat ride from Toledo across Lake Erie to Canada on the steamer Greyhound. The steamer left the Toledo dock at about 8 a.m. and didn't get back until approximately 10 p.m.

There were about two hours upon arrival at the Canadian port of Windsor to buy refreshemtns, souvenirs and look around.

With three decks on the steamer there were many nooks and cranies to explore and plenty of standing room along the railings to look out across the lake. The bow of the big steamer was, of course, the prize position...where the wind was cooling and refreshing, and tossled the hair.

Of course, the trip actually started when we boarded the T.F. and F (Toledo, Fostoria and Findlay) interurban electric car earlu in the morning for the ride to Toledo.

Still another popular place for the younger set was Rainbow Gardens at Fremont, where many of the Big Name Bands and the popular band leaders of that era provided music for dancing.

Older readers will never forget the Paramount theatre, Toledo, with its beautiful lobby, its ornately decorated interior...and above all, the organ that could be elevated for musical presentations...and the sing-a-along for the audiences.

I would be remiss not to mention the chatauqua programs held in the summertime. They were tent affairs, and brought to Fostoria, as they did to many communites, a variety of programs...musical, speakers and plays.

This nostalgic view of entertainment in past years will surely revive memories for other older readers...and let younger ones know what went on then, as compared to today.

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