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Thursday, June 16, 1983


PIX #1 - On the left is Linus Beck and his bride Anna Barbara (Cook) Beck. On right is Ben Eischen, a cousin, and Irene Jefferson, their attendants who were also later married.

PIX #2 - Anna Beck

Anna Beck, a resident at Good Shepherd Home, celebrated her 95th birthday Sunday.

Her four daughters and one son, along with other family members were there to sing "Happy Birthday", and enjoy refreshments with her. Her only son is Herman. Her daughters are Alma Alspach, Helen Wicox, Anna Donaldson and Dorothy Prior.

Although Mrs. Beck is confined, she is not despondent or enclined to forget praise for her Lord and to sing some of the old church hymns she loves so much.

Often, when I visit her at the home, she bursts out in song with one of her favorites, which hs come to be one of mine too from hearing her sing it.


In times like these you need a Saviour,
In times like these you need an anchor,
Be very sure, be very sure,
Your anchor holds and grips the solid Rock!
This Rock is Jesus, yes, He's the one.
This Rock is Jesus, the only one;
Be very sure your anchor hold
and grips the solid Rock!

On June 15, 1910, Anna Barbara Cook wed Linus Beck. He died July 23, 1971. The accompanying photo of the Beck's wedding days shows them with their attendants. If Mr. Beck was living, they would be observing their 73rd wedding anniversary.

Many readers will recall Mr. Beck as the master woodworker and make of grand- father and grandmother clocks. All of their five children have one of the clocks.

Helen Wilcox, one of Anna's daughters, told me that even though her mother always loved music, she never learned to play the piano. However, she saw to it that the kids practiced piano, faithfully and if a mistake was made she knew it instantly and prompted them, since she could read music and had an "ear" for it.

As if keeping a house clean, keeping the family fed, weekly washing and helping the kids with schoolwork and music lessons wasn't enough. Anna found time to write poetry. Talking with Helen Wilcox and Alma Alspach, two of her daughters, I learned that their mother had written enough poems to fill a book. Here's one I selected from several loaned to me for this occasion


Doing something for others
How it warms the willing heart,
When self has been forgotten,
And our means we give apart.
'Tis a satisfying feeling
When we see another's need,
That our soil has been delivered
From all selfishness and greed.
And we find we're really anxious
to contribute of our share
For a sufferer's well-being
In his hour of dispair.
When misfortune strikes a brother,
Be he sestiture or cold,
If we have a Christ-like spriti
We cannot relief withold
His plea is so important
In response for ready bread
We dare not fail to answer
His petition he be fed.
His harty-cry is our summons
to offer him delivery
Diminishing his anguish
As we have ability.
Richly blessed with honest labor,
Embracing opportunity
We in trun for God's good favor,
Can present him amity.
To the giver, be he willing,
Nothing good will be denied,
Plus that pleasant, happy feeling
Experienced down deep inside.
Knowing that he's done his dury,
and his conscience is at rest,
As the record proves quite clearly
He had done his very best.
(Anna Barbars Beck)

How much more can be crowded into a lifetime after marriage than Anna Beck has experienced?


Before all of her five children were old enough to take care of themselves, cancer struck Anna. That was 52 years ago.

Back then surgery was the only treatment and it was used, but the doctors didn't know if they were successful. So Anna prayed to God that he would heal her so that she could finish raising her children. She knows and the doctor agreed that her prayer was answered.

On one of my visits to Anna (and her roomake Mary Reinhart), a pretty aide had just finished "prettying her" and capped it off with a smile and a kiss planted on Anna's forehead. That kind of living care and Anna's bright outlook will keep her on her way to her 100th birthday.

Best wishes, dear friend Anna!



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