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June 5, 1986


PIX #1 - This photo, taken in 1976, shows the Don Cessna residence, converted from one of the earlier schools. Cessna, a lifetime Kansas resident, is fire chief of the village.

PIX #2 - This photo was taken at one of the early schools in Kansas. It is the only school photo of all of those published in which the names of students could be this case by Jack Gee, one of the students, now a resident at 10214 Ohio 12, east of Fostoria. Reading left to right, top row, teacher Ed Willis, Leona Bennett, Helen Showalter, Ida Blanchwolf, Willard Null, Evan Hostler, Mirmian Rienbold, Doris Humbert, Jake Shubert. Middle row--Walter Weaver, Lucille Chubb, Evelyn Jones, Zenith Prenzlin, Ethyl Smith, Evlalia Wolf and Kenneth Cessna. Bottom Row--Robert Gee, Norbert Devanna, John Anderson, Joe Nye, Ralph Copsey, Charles Humbert, Jack Gee and Robert Parks.

PIX #3 - One of lthe later schools in Kansas. Photo taken in November 1911.

(Author's Note: This is the third in a series of articles about the village of Kansas, which started in 1855, flourished for many years and shrunk during the depression of the 1930s, but still exists as a good rural place to live, close to nearby cities.)

The village of Kansas, from its beginning, provided adequate education for its children. When the school, built in 1885 would no longer accommodate all the children, a new one was built in 1911. It continued to handle the school pop- ulation until 1920, when it was destroyed by fire. The new school built at that time continued to be used until more recent years when the children were bused to centralized school in the area.

When Fostoria and Fremont trolley car line was built in 1911 it provided a means for students of high school age to continue their education in the larger schools in Fostoria and Fremont. At that time many of them attended those two schools.

Initially, the trolley line did not have a ticket office. Anyone wishing to ride, boarded the trolley and paid their fare when they left the car. Later, George Weeks bought the Kuhn Building and established a ticket office and waiting room for passengers.

The Fostoria and Fremont interurban went out of business in 1932. Al Bryan, former city editor of The Fostoria Times, recalls that on the day of the last run of the cars between Fostoria and Fremont, Curt Guernsey, an officer of that line, staged a party for everyone riding that day, by setting up a small bar with refreshments.


Inquiring about those who grewup in Kansas and received their education there, this author discovered many who made their mark in life after further educa- tion and pursuance of their vocation.

Ethel Reese, one of those Kansas residents went on to become a teacher, spending much of her time in that profession in Fostoria. She later married Earl Ash, an Amsden native, and still resides there.

Two others are Larry Heddon and his brother, both whom are educators in the public school system.

Another is Vivian Craun, a Kansas native who earned a degree as a teacher and taught in the Bowling Green school system.

Harry McDaniel has continued in the insurance business in Bettsville which his father started in Kansas.

Others still living in Kansas have been involved in business and industrial activities and have raised families who pursued worthwhile livelihoods.

The essence of it is that the Kansas school system, and the environment of that village laid the foundation for its future citizens.


Harry McDaniel, a lifelong resident of Kansas, recently discovered in his files an alphabetized list of names of customers of The Grain Elevator in Kansas, when it was privately owned back in 1920-21.

MCDaniel said at least 90 percent of them did their trading in Kansas at that time, which accounts in part for the "boom-days" of the village back then.

"The list re-kindled fine memories of so many people, and I am sure it will be enjoyed by your many readers of the articles," he said.

The list includes:

James Anderson, Charles Ash, Herbert Ash, J.E. Ash, Earl Ash, Merrel Ash, John Ash, Jim Adams, Edmond Andrews, Philip Ash.

Frank Batorff, Ella Bunn, J.C. Brown, Lou Brandeburg, Henry Baker, Vern Bordner, John Bockey, Joseph Bullinger, Arthur Byers, A.L. Bennet, W.R. Betts, Oscar Brubaker, B.F. Boys, Adolph Berlecamp, Will Barlecamp, Will Barlett, A. Butzier, H.A. Betts, Wm. Byers, John Baker, Carl Burk, H. Barlitt, Eugene Bour, Will Betts, V. Berechoff.

Elmer Copsey, Eugene Craun, R.W. Chaney, Frank Chaney, Harry Chubb, W.W. Cook- son, I.S. Cookson, Silas Craun, Harter Craun, Joe Craun, Morton Craun, Sarray Cessna, Ralph Cessna, Harvey Cessna, Will Crain, Frank Cramer, Fred Cessna, Claud Chub, Will Cram, Geo. Craun.

J.L. Dennis, C.A. Deckard, R.C. Deckard, J.S. Depinet, W.C. Dye, Arthur Dicken, F.A. Diller, Geo. Deophy, Otto Day, Chas. Dickens, Doug Day, George Dundare.

John E. Eader, Will Enfield.

Elmer F. Feasel, Geo. Feasel, Stanley Feasel, Ora Feasel, Ray Feasel, Lewis Flack, Hershell Flack, Mrs. P. Flack, Call Frederick, Wm. Fry, Davy Fox, Cletus Flack, John Fry, Ross Fausey, Rev. Flora, C. Faughbouer, B. Funk.

Adam Gamertsfelder, Ellis Gamertsfelder, Clyde Gee, Wm. Gee, H.M. Good, M. Geesman, Frank Garnes, A. Gossard, Cecil Glick, Geo. Gangwer, C.C. Glick.

Ed Hull, Frank Harpster, Art Humbert, Clint Humbert, Ed Hedden, Henry Hol- linger, B.L. Huff, Sam Heffner, Roy Hemminger, Willard Hull, S.C. Harding, Russel Havens, Eli Holembaugh, John Hinsman, Harry Hipple, W.S. Hower, J.C. Havens, Henry Hirsch, C.W. Hunsberry, Ross Hollinger, R. Harrison, J. Hartline, Heinisman.

John Jones, Chub Kinney, John Lewis.

Jess Kessling, Art Kissaberth, Sherman Klotz, Chas. Kisabeth, J. Kline, Keiser, K. King.

Mrs. Eli Lewman, Esdras Lewman, Copsey Lewman, Elmer Legget, Geo. Leister, Syras Leffler, Chet Lanning, Dee Lanning, Ralph Littler, Harry Legget.

John Michaels, Leroy Michaels, Isaac Michaels, Richard Michaels, Rollie Mil- ler, Dr. Mumaw, Ira McDaniel, C.A. McDonald, Robert Mattox, C.O. Mitchell, A.D. Mitchell, Earl Mitchell, John Murphy, Ross Morphey, C.S. Myers.

Ed. Nye, John Nye, Mike Nye, Hase Null, Mrs. J. Nighswander, Ralph Nighs- wander, John Null, John Naugle, C.E. Nicolas, C.E. Nelson, Geo. Neiderhouser, B. Nye, Henry Nye.

Clark Park, John Prenzlier, Wm. Peach, Lewis Peiffer, W.J. Peeler, A.B. Powell, John Phillips.

David Row, Robert Row, Frank Rhodes, Henry Rousier, Clarence Rousier, Adam Rinboldt, Ben Rodes, A. Riffel, A.J. Radcliff, Mrs. Reese, B. Rinboldt, M. Rudy.

A.J. Saum, Robert Saum, Wm. Shultz, Andy Shultz, Seiger Bros., Arthur Seeley, J.M. Seitz, Chas. and John Shale, G.W. Sprout, J.E. Shaw, Rubbel Shultz, Rob- ert Shontz, Frank Shaull, Claud Shaull, Chas. Shaw, Bert Stuckey, Ed. Showal- ter, Harry Stdinnaugh, Jacob Schubert, Marim Sprout, Wilbur Swickard, Merrel Swickert, Wm. Snyder, U.S. Sprout, Alex Smith, John Shaull, Schoen- dorff Bros., Howard Shaul, Chas. Strayer, Crist Smith, W. Swee, Jim Stephen, Sholroy, R.B. Snyder, W.S. St. Clair, J. Sommers, Red Shaull, John Smith, E.C. Sexton, Lane Schock, H. Speck, G. Shultz, R.S. Shultz, Stull, W. E. Tim- mons.

B. Updegraph, Geo Vandersall, C.E. Vandersall.

Jess Walters, John Walters, Fred Wolf, Willie Wolf, R.D. Watson, W. Wade, E. Wells, Harm Wyant, C.L. Wyant, Chas. Wyant, John Wickert, Ezra Wyant, John Wehlgamuth.

Howard Yost, Ovid Yoder, James Yoder.

Wessley Zimmerman, Jess Zimmerman, Geo. Zimmerman, W.M. Zimmerman.

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