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April 3, 1986

PIX #1 - Pat Robertson interviews President Reagan

History as recorded the blessings which have been bestowed on American ever since those early settlers landed on its shores from England and Europe.

When those early settlers had forged a new homeland out of a wilderness; when they fought for and gained their independence; when they laid the groundwork for a government that would provide religious freedom, and opportunity to gain a livelihood and education unparalleled in their native land, they thanked God for his guidance and blessings...and were continually blessed as history shows.

George Washington the first president of these United States was a dedicated Christian. He looked to God for help and guidance during the early days of this nation, even before it gained its independence, and when it was fighting for it. Washington became known as "the father of this nation."


When Lincoln became president and the great rift developed into war between the North and the South over the question of slavery, and freedom for the black race. Lincoln was often discovered by his associates deep in prayer, shaking with emotion and weeping, asking God for guidance. And again, as history records, righteousness prevailed, and Lincoln became known as the "Savior of this nation."

Many other leaders of our country, businessmen, teachers, scientists, preach- ers and others have kept close to God in their separate pursuits and acknow- ledge that God has had his hand in the affairs of this nation.

But today, new perils challenge the United States from within, and from out- side its borders. Evil forces have fostered the use of drugs and alcohol; the practice of abortion, mostly among unmarried young people, and even teenagers; banning of prayer in schools, which robs students of fundamental rights and character building; high divorce rate, which weakens the family structure... to name some of the most damaging of the perils within. It is a nation with weakened moral and spiritual fibre that is most endangered by its enemies. Strength within can survive the forces of evil from without.


But, there is HOPE, Thank God that we have a president who has HOPE, and stands against the forces of evil which can destroy this nation.

Still another evil that faces this nation is the unbalanced budget and runaway spending. A nation weak financially is no different than the family or busi- ness in that same predicament. We must arrive at a reasonable balance between our income and expenses.

The accompanying reprinted interview that Pat Robertson had with Ronald Reagan some weeks ago is evidencve that he has HOPE, and will do everything in his power to overcome the evils which will destroy us if we do not back him, and pray unceasingly for God's unfailing hand to intercede.

(Author's note: It has taken considerable time to get permission to use, to- tally, the interview between Robertson and Reagan, along with the photo.)

Pat Robertson interviewed President Reagan at the White House in September. The following has been condensed from that interview:

ROBERTSON What do you hope for in the next three years?

REAGAN I would like to get us definitely on the pattern of reducing the difi- cits so that the balanced budget is in view.

There are a number of things that I would like to see resolve the problem of prayer in schools, and have us on a good solid road that could make us opti- mistic about the future.

ROBERTSON On the budget deficit, it seems as if members of your own party are not totally in accord with you. The Congress hasn't supported you. Are you optimistic about the future?

REAGAN Yes I am. There's no way that anyone could ever balance the budget in one year.

If you just count the deficit in dollars, it looks so horrifying. But if you will look at it back over these 50 years of deficit spending on the basis of what it is as a percentage of gross national product, (the gross national product) too has been growing bigger. So it isn't as far out of line with past deficits.

But if we can get it next year down to four percent of the gross national product, three percent the following year, we think that that progression will point us to by 1990, a balanced budget.

ROBERTSON I've read that the reason that you and Roosevelt were so tremen- dously popular is because you gave the American people hope. Down the road, what cause do you have for hope?

REAGAN Well, I'm an eternal optimist. But I can't help but have hope. Just a few years ago, we were seeing our streets torn up with rioting and demon- strations of various kinds, but we also were seeing a lack of hope. We were hearing talk that we were no longer a nation of growth and so forth. That we must begin to limit ourselves in our expectations.

And here today in these few short years double digit inflation is down. In the last 33 months we have created eight million new jobs. And today, the labor pool everyone in the United States, male and female, between the age of 16 and 65, is known as the potential labor pool. A higher percentage of that labor pool is employed now than has ever been employed before in our history.

And the growth in the recovery has been greater than from any previous reces- sion or depression.

But even more than that, there is something out there, you get out on the road and talk to the people, there is a spirit--a resurgence of patriotism.

ROBERTSON Mr. President, thank you so much. God bless you.

REAGAN Well, thank you very much. And in saying that, let me tell you that I am convinced that this is a nation under God and as long as we recognize that and believe that, I think He'll help us.

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