VFW #421

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Veterans of Foreign Wars
Lt Col W 0 Bulger Post #421
Organized and chartered on February 21, 1934.


Commander Bruce Nolan Service Officer Tom Evans
Sr Vice Cmdr Tom Schultz Adjutant Bill Parsons
Jr Vice Cmdr Bob Tindall 3yr Trustee Ralph Stark
Quartermaster Tom Evans 2yr Trustee Bob Horner
Chaplain Don Garbe l yr Trustee Ray Baker
House Committee Dennis Smith Cliff Stull  

Meetings: 4th Tuesday of each month at 8pm.

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Life Membership for regular members is one-third off
during the year 2002 = check with any post officer to get your
current fee based on your birthdate.
Dues are $20 per year payable to National Headquarters.



Rotary - History

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Organized on November 24, 1919
Proposed a constitution and by-laws that were approved
Sponsored by Toledo Rotary Club
Approved 15 charter members
Membership fee of $10 and following that $10 each 6 months were charged
Meetings originally held at the Fostoria YMCA each Thursday Noon
Changed meetings to Monday Noon in May 1955
Held Classification discussions

Past Presidents      
1919-20 F. H Warren 1954-55 Stan Gilberg 1990-91 Gene Schalk
1920-21 F. M. Hopkins 1955-56 Richard Aboud 1991-92 Robert Green
1921-22 H. C. Leesburg 1956-57 Harry Lester 1992-93 Bill Dauterman
1922-23 J. H. Williams 1957-58 Charles E. Pierce 1993-94 Bill McAllister
1923-24 R. M. Solomon 1958-59 Tom Gray 1994-95 Robert Gray
1924-25 H. H. Geary 1959-60 Robert J. Fast 1995-96 Russ Rogerson
1925-26 W. M. Weatherspoon 1960-61 Richard Norton 1996-97 Stephen Favor
1926-27 F.C . Morrison 1961-62 Ira Cadwelleder 1997-98 Jerry Keaton
1927-28 D. St. John 1962-63 Mitch Liberman 1998-99 Dan Steinacker
1928-29 H. J. Jeffery 1963-64 Ed Schweitzer 1999-00 Brad Higgins
1929-30 C.D. Piffer 1964-65 Al Smith 2000-01 Tom Hare
1930-31 R. S. Ruhl 1965-66 Jim Middleton 2001-02 John Schuld
1931-32 C. B. Brown 1966-67 R. J. Fountain 2002-03 Jerry Ulm
1932-33 J. W. Sellwers 1967-68 Paul Gillig 2003-04 David Whitta
1933-34 C. S. Casselman 1968-69 Bill O'Donnel 2004-05 Teri Wise
1934-35 M. C. Lloyd 1969-70 Carl Fassier 2005-06 A. K. Basu
1935-36 F. J. Kinnaman 1970-71 Bob Schroeter 2006-07 C. Lemmerman
1936-37 C. E. Campbell 1971-72 Cortland Heykoop 2007-08 Chris Widman
1937-38 F. J. Maurer 1972-73 Norm DeGroff 2008-09 Denny Maag
1938-39 M.A. Pruden 1973-74 Robert Gillig  
1939-40 Robert Twells 1974-75 Terry Cadwell  
1940-41 Elden Layton 1975-76 Gerald Paolucci  
1941-42 Dan Nye 1976-77 Mike Sabol  
1942-43 Charles Briggle 1977-78 Richard Norton  
1943-44 Sam Hollett 1978-79 Frank J. Kinn  
1944-45 Roy Keinhen 1979-80 Paul Nichaus  
1945-46 J. J. Sever 1980-81 Joe Stearns  
1946-47 William Kier 1981-82 Doug Cameron  
1947-48 Sam Brown 1982-83 Nick Kentris  
1948-49 Joe Clark 1983-84 Floyd Fought  
1949-50 Gene Hill 1985-86 Dan McGinnis  
1950-51 Oscar Brenner 1986-87 William Reineke  
1951-52 O. K. Caldwell 1987-88 Edson Smith  
1952-53 Wyrone Whitney 1988-89 Don Miller  
1953-54 G. Ousley Brown 1989-90 Tom Monasmith

Rotary - Membership

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Accept a personal invitation

Be in a policy-making position

Attend 60 percent of weekly meetings

Hold an open classification


Develop leadership skills
Effect change within the community
Gain an understanding of, and have an impact on international humanitarian issues
Advancing business and professional contacts


Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build good will and better friendship?
Will it be beneficial concerned?



Last Name First Name
Baker Mark
Basu A. K.
Dauterman Kurt
Ernest Rick
Favor Steve
Feasel Paul
Fleegle Sheri
Green Bob
Grine Tom
Heintschel Rick
Henley Dan
Heycoop Cortland
Hoening Terry
Hoover Tim
Irwin John
Kinn Frank
Lang David
Lowery Arlen
Maag Denny
Manley Larry
Marker Evelyn
Markey Siobhan
Mennel Don
Last Name First Name
Miller Don
Monasmith Tom
Mundy Bridgett
Murphy Don
Payne Randy
Perkins Mary 
Reineke Bill
Reineke Tom
Reinhard Joan
Schalk Gene
Schelb Diane
Schuld John
Schwanke Dan
Sherer John
Stearns Joe
Stearns Kathy
Steinaker Dan
Stinehelfer Eric
Studrawa Denny
Swint Ken
Watson Bob
Whitta Dave
Widman Chris


Rotary - Services

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Golden Apple Award

    The Rotary Golden Apple Award, signifying teaching excellence, is awarded each year to outstanding teachers in the elementary, middle, and high schools of Fostoria City and St. Wendelin Schools.

Student Scholarships

    The Rotary Scholarships are awarded each year to students who are attending college and are graduates of Fostoria City and St. Wendelin Schools.

Risdon Square Landscaping

    The Rotary, each spring, pays for the landscaping to be completed at Risdon Square for beautification.

Holiday Parade

    The Rotary Holiday Parade is the Sunday after the Thanksgiving Holiday representing the holiday season.

Community Event Sponsorships and Donations

  • Fostoria Glass Heritage Gallery
  • Relay for Life
  • Fostoria Area Historical Society
  • Fostoria Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Fostoria Community Hospital
  • Good Shepherd Home
  • Day Break of Fostoria
  • American Red Cross
  • United Way of Fostoria
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • Greater Fostoria Community Foundation
  • Citizens for Better Schools
  • American Cancer Society
  • Kaubisch Library
  • Rotary's Medical Equipment and Supplies Abroad (MESA)
  • Fostoria Rail Preservation
  • Seneca County Fair
  • Fostoria Junior Baseball
  • Rotary's World Community Workship
  • Hugh O'Brien Leadership Conference

Literacy Program

    The Rotary Literacy Program donates a book each week to Fostoria City and St. Wendelin Schools. Every book is signed by the speaker for each Rotary meeting.

Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Bell Ringing

    Each year, Rotarians ring the bell, raising money for the Salvation Army.

Rotary Foundation

    The Rotary Club of Fostoria has 25 members who are Paul Harris Fellows, representing significant contribution to the Rotary Foundation.

Rotary - Officers

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Committee Plan 2009 - 2010

Board of Directors

Ken Swint President
Kurt Dauterman President-Elect
John Irwin Vice President
Arlen Lowery Secretary
Diane Schelb Treasurer
Bill Reineke Sergeant-at-Arms
Denny Maag Past President
Dr. A. K. Basu 2010
Siobhan Markey 2010
Denny Studrawa 2011
Mary Perkins 2011
Randy Payne 2012
Kathy Stearns 2012


Committees Committee Chairs Duties
Membership Denny Maag, Randy Payne Membership, Future Leaders
Fund Raising Bridgett Mundy, John Irwin Fund Raising
Service Kathy Stearns, Dan Steinacker Projects/Activities, International
Public Relations Mary Perkins, Siobhan Markey Advertising, Communications
Rotary Foundation Chris Widman, Arlen Lowery Programs, Financial Contribution

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