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March 27, 1980

PIX #1 - Photo No. 1

PIX #2 - Photo No. 2.

PIX #3 - Photo No. 3

PIX #4 - Photo No. 4

PIX #5 - Photo No. 5

PIX #6 - Photo No. 6

         Leading business woman

Today we continue to explore the history of the north side of East Tiffin
Street, beginning with Photo No. 1 which shows it as it is today.

Where parking meters shows in the photo, there once was a hitching post for a
horse and buggy.

The Daryl Margrafs own and reside in the house shown in the left of the photo.
Next door is the Clarence Huss property.  Where those two houses are there
once were billboards, shown on the left in Photo No. 1, and the three-apart-
ment house on the extreme right, just as it was many years ago.  The photo
was provided by Robert Fruth, who is in it with his younger brother Franklin.

The house shown in Photo No. 3 once was located where Jac & Do's Pizza Shop
is now.  It was the Wickerd Family's home.  Older Fostorians will remember
Bertha M. Wickerd.  The accompanying photo of her was taken from the booklet
"Fostoria," published shortly after the turn of this century.


The following excerpt lauds Wickerd for proficiency as a business woman in
our town nearly 100 years ago.

"...Bertha M. Wickerd, Fostoria's leading business woman.  She was a clerk
in W.A. Gibbon's Music Store at 233 N. Main, and after three years served as
a traveling saleswoman with marked success.  "Returning to Fostoria, she
opened up a little music store in one-one half room at 114 N. Main St. (where
Pizza Villa is now, next to the theater) and with a limited stock and hard
work made a success of it.  In April 1907, she moved into her own block on
E. North St. where she is conducting a remunerative music business, having a
complete stock, including a $1,000 grand piano."

Starting with only $50, Wickerd displayed remarkable ability, eventually own-
ing much real estate and her own dray-line.  She was the only local member
of the National Piano Dealers' Association and a member of the board of dir-
ectors of the Seneca County Fair.

The location ofher building on East North St. was 112-114.  Today that would
be the office of Attorney Lester Huth and the Retreat Lounge.

I remember the Wickerd home on Tifin street, and presume it wa demolished or
moved, but I have not been able to verify which.

On the northeast corner of Tiffin and Poplar, where the Mid-Town Motors used
car lot is now, there was once a Standard Oil service station.


According to Bob Fruth, years earlier, when he was a boy, that location was
just a vacant lot where Abe Peter, son of John, pitched a large tent in the
summer and staged shows.  My only recollection of Abe was when I was a boy.
He had a shoe store in the Alcott Block, which once stood where the Park &
Shop lot is now.  It burned in 1962.

The house at 210, next to the used carlot, was the home of George Schwab
family for many years.  Schwab had a saloon in the building on North Main
which was demolished last year.  Clyde, their son, was in the plumbing busi-
ness in Fostoria for many years.

Photo No. 4 shows the present residential area starting at the Schwab house,
extending eastward.  Three houses east was the residence of Russ Smith, who
had the livery stable, mentioned in an earlier article in this series.


The large brick, with unusual architecture, at the corner of Tiffin and Cad-
wallader (Photo No. 5) was built by Ira Cadwallader Sr. for his sister Eliza-
beth "Lib," who never married.  The house was a gift for her faithfulness in
taking care of a member of the family during illness.  The house is still
owned by the Cadwallader Co.

The house at 300, across the street from the Cadwallader house, was the
George Rodier home when I was a boy.  Chalmer McDonald lived there.  Rodier
was his stepfather.  His father, Chalmer McDonald Sr., was a brother of Mrs.
George M. Fink.  Chalmer Jr. was a Fostoria business man, died in 1966, and
is survived by Anne Noble and Jean Pingle, Fostoria; Margaret Wolery,
Arcadia; and Thomas McDonald, Fostoria.

Next to the Rodier house lived the E.P. Huss family.  Photo No. 6 shows the
Huss family as it was years ago, and essentially as it is today, with three
of the daughters on a sled.  Reading left to right they are, Alma, now Mrs.
L.E. Kinn; Margaret, now Mrs. O'Rourke; and Augusta, now Mrs. Robert Young.
Justine Leutz, a neighborhood girl, is pulling the sled.  Mr. Leutz had a
bakery on South Main St.  The photo was furnished by Mrs. Kinn.  She and this
writer spent some pleasant moments recently, reliving days of the past and
recalling names and incidents of East Tiffin St.


She recalled the Cadwallader family, back then; the Younker family, with
boys Harry and Dick; Russ Smith's daughter, Dorothy, and her tricycle, the
envy of the neighborhood kids.  We both remember how kids would wash up old
medicine bottles and sell them to doctors for 2 cents each.

Mrs. Kinn showed me the photo of the Huss family orchestra, made up of six
members, including Mrs. Huss.  That's a story of another time.  She also re-
called howthe circuses unloaded from the trains on East Tiffin.

In fact, Mrs. Kinn could have written the East Tiffin story...perhaps better
then this writer, because her memory of events is so great.

For many years the house where the Huss family lived was owned by W.R. Ash,
and his family resided there.  Mrs. Patrick (Helen) Burden, now owns the
house and resides there.

The residential area of East Tiffin St. has weathered the economic storms and
changes of this century.  Vacant lots now have houses on them, and older
houses have been kept in fine shape.

In the listing below, No. 150 shows it to be the residence of Bertha Sheldon,
which was after her husband, Dr. Sheldon, had died.  That is where the family
lived for some years.  Many readers will remember the doctor because he
treated many Fostorians and brought a lot of babies into this world.  The
Sheldon children were Thelma, Clifford, Don and Anne.  Living are Clifford
in Texas and Anne in California.

YEAR 1915

(Two vacant lots)
156--C.O. Allison (resident and well known barber
158--Mrs. S.W. Baker (resident)
160--A.J. Rawson (resident)
164--O.D. Wickerd (resident)
Vacant Lot
210--George P. Schwab (resident)
214--James Deckard (resident)
220--Mrs. S.F. Eissler (resident)
230--"Lib" Cadwallader (resident)
300--George E. Rodier (resident)
304--E.P. Huss (resident)
310--T.M. Boyd (resident)
320--G.A. Free (resident)

YEAR 1930

By this time the vacant lots with billboards had houses on them
150--Jacob D. Jones (resident)
154--Clarence Huss (resident)
156--Mrs. Emma Allison (resident)
160--William Strange (resident)
162--National Refinery Service
200--Standard Oil Service
210--George Schwab (resident)
214--Leon A. Yearick (resident)
220--Chas. W. Eppler (resident)
230--Mrs. Fresia L. Smith (resident)
300--George Rodier (resident)
304--Mrs. Luella (resident)
306--Joseph Calmes (resident)
310--Clarence Lamb (resident)
314--Walter Boyher (resident)
320--Ira Craley (resident)

YEAR 1950

150--Bertha Sheldon (resident)
154--Clarence Huss (resident)
156--Harvey C. England (resident)
158--Albert Wybensinger (resident)
160--Chas. A. Heckathorn (resident)
162--Horner's Shell Service
204--Droll Brothers Sohio
210--Sophie Schwab (resident)
214--J.B. McCullough (resident)
220--Leonard Walker (resident)
220 1/2--Paul Gase (resident)
228--Albert "Wishey" Sertell (resident)
230--David Shearer (resident)
232--Leroy Shultz (resident)
300--Fostoria Window Cleaning
304--Ross Ash (resident)
304 1/2--Nieta Ash (resident)
306--Joseph Calmes (resident)
314--Raymond Reese (resident)
320--Minnie Snyder (resident)

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