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February 12, 1981


Scott E. Evenbeck was born in Findlay, Aug. 14, 1946, but was brought to Fostoria at a very early age by his parents, Benjamin and Norma Evenbeck, 652 W. Fremont St., where he lived until he started his college education. His parents still live there.

His entire elementary and high school education was in the Fostoria schools, graduating from FHS in 1964. During those years he participated in many activities: Stage Crew 4; I.Q. League 4; National Honor Society 3; V.P. 4; Annual Staff 4; French Club 3-4; Junior Classical League Treasurer 2; V.P. 3.

He attended Indiana University from 1965-68, graduating with a bachelor of arts degree in psychology.

He entered the University of North Carolina in 1968 as a predoctoral public health service trainee, completing that training in 1972.

In 1969 at UNC he was a research associate for the transitional working group on "Dynamics of Conflict". From 1969 through 1972 he was on the "Editoral Board" for Representative Research in Social Psychology at the University.


In 1972 he became an associate professor, Department of Psychology at Indiana University-Purdue University (IUPUI) at Indianapolis, teaching introductory psychology, social psychology, advanced laboratory in social psychology, statistics, theories of personality, graduate social psychology, group dynamics and conflict redolution. Later, he became assistant professor in that department.

From 1974-77, Evenbeck was assistant chairperson, Department of Psychology at IUPUI. During that same period he was also editor, National Council of University Research Administrators Newsletter.

During 1976-78, he was on the Editorial Board, International Journal of Intercultural Relations and was editor of Indiana Psychologist.

Then in 1977, he was named assistant dean for Administratice Affairs, Purdue University School of Science at IUPUI, a position he held for two years, when he was named Associate Dean. In that position he was responsible for policy as well as day-to-day management of school operations, including faculty selection, program development, budgetary administration, research and sponsored programs, physical facilities, institutional data and faculty development.


Recently, Evenbeck moved up again, to associate director of Administrative Affairs at IUPUI and is now responsible for budgetary administration and planning campus capital planning, and daily operations for administrative affaris which includes admissions, bookstores, evening administration parking and transportation, physical plant, real estate, registrar, housing, and university police.

Readers may wonder how Indiana University and Purdue University came to be associated. Both Universities had established branches at Indianapolis. The state decided that they should be combined.

The academic traditions of IUPUI are as old as Indiana Univerisyt and Purdue University. The School of Business is the Indiana University School of Business...a single, unified faculty with a single, unified standard of excellence as the foundation for School of Business programs in Indianapolis and Bloomington.

And the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology is built in Indianapolis upon Purdue's History and tradition of excellence. And so it is with the IU School of Nursing and the other IU and Purdue Schools.


Many of the campus buildings are new in Indianapolis, and many of the challenges of the University are new in Indianapolis, but the tradition of excellence in education are Purdue and IU traditions, as old as anything in Indiana.

The accompanying photo provides a view of IUPUI and the many buildings and other facilities which makeup the campus, which has been appropriately termed "Univer-City". The campus has been blended in with the city of Indianapolis in such a way that there is easy access to the business district. The city has cooperated with the IUPUI expansion plans.

In 1980, the enrollment at IUPUI was approximately 22,000 with a paid faculty of nearly 2,000 and another 1,000 who volunteer their services.

With the accompanying photo is the list of the buildings and other facilities which support their program for students in the fields of education, business dentistry, engineering and technology, law, medicine, nursing, physical education and psychiatric research.

And that is the university with which Evenbeck is associated. He has established considerable experience and an enviable record.

And, during those 12 years Scott found time to prepare or cooperate with others in the preparation of 19 papers on a variety of subjects related to psychology, research, writing and other matters. Those papers were delivered at meetings or published in journals.

Evenbeck is a member of 14 professional associations, six of them being related to psychology.


He also gets involved with many other activites as a reviewer for various journals, moderator for association meetings, and as a consultant to various national organizations or local ones in Indianapolis.

When Scott was an FHS student, he worked part time at Kaubisch Memorial Public Library, and his interest in that field continues. He is a member of Friends of Indianapolis Marion County Public Library.

In his community he also participates in Stanley K. Lacey, Kiwanis, Parent Information Resource Center (Board of Directors), Marion County Mental Health Association, Indianapolis-Scarborough Peace Games (Board of Directors) and St. Paul's Episcopal Church.


In a recent conversation with Scott's parents I asked them how he happened to choose his career, if he had thought and planned it before entering college. The answer was "no" it was during his first two years at IUPUI that he developed the opinion of the importance of psychology research, etc. and thus he continued his education along those lines. He felt his choice was vital for him to become successful in any other fields he might choose to enter.

Scott Evenbeck met his wife, Elizabeth (Jones) while attending the University of North Carolina. She was enrolled at Greenbrier. They were married Aug. 14, 1970, on Scott's 24th birthday.

Their son was born in 1977 and named Benjamin Franklin IV, a traditional name in the family, starting with the first Benjamin Evenbeck arriving in the U.S. from Switzerland in 1844.

I am sure Scott's friends and others will be glad to know of his advancement, and wish him continued success.

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