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Thursday, January 17, 1985


PIX #1 - This photo shows the southwest corner of Wood and West North Streets in the year 1868, as does the map drawn in 1872, which included the buildings as they existed then. The arrow on the map, superimposed for this article, shows the Robert & Co. foundry. Note the railroad, which existed then, shown by the map as it did in later years as the LE&W. (Map coutesy of Lenny Copler).

PIX #2 - Above photo shows Mr. Raehle, editor and owner of Vestal Magazine, seated at a 43-note calliope.

In one of the recent Potluck articles about West North Street, I expressed regret that a photo showing the building which once was located at the southwest corner of North and Wood was not available, and asked readers if they had one to volunteer.

Later, when I was at Kaubisch Memorial Public Library, Pat Bowman, in charge of the historical section, told me that she was sure they had one. A copy of it is with today's article, along with a portion of an old map that shows the location.

The photo was donated by E.A. "Toddy" Doe, once Fostoria's fire chief. His father, Volney H. Doe, was the original owner of the photo, and the man standing in front of the building with an X above him was V.H. Doe.

According to Roger Doe, North Union Street, who provided some of the data for today's article, the Roberts & Co. was a brass foundry. He also told me that Volney H. Doe and his grandfather were brothers.

At this late date in time, there is no way to be absolutely sure, but the building shown in the photo, which has the name Roberts & Co. was probably the same one that Allen Motor Car Co. used for assembly operations. It that is o, the Allen car at the Historical society Museum was probably assembled there.


Mrs. Robert (Elizabeth) Slosser, 826 N. Main St., volunteered more history about the lumber company. Her knowledge came from her husban's 49 years of service at the lumber company and also her employment there for a short period.

Mrs. Slosser found a clipping in her scrapbook that dated the destructive fire as April 1927.

Bob Slosser went to work at the lumber company after graduation from Fostoria High School and continued until his retirement in 1968.

Ed Bredback, a well-known Fostorian, was general manager of the company when it was owned by R.B. White.


Cole, 231 E. Lytle, said he was present during the fire at Fostoria Lumber. He said he stood across the street from the main building in front of their office.

"When firemen were able to open the doors of the burning building, the heat from the fire was almost unbearable. It scorched the siding on the building across the street, but they were able to keep it from burning", Cole said.


Carl LaFountaine, 251 E. Eage St., telephoned about the TF&F interurban railray article which was written as a result of Ray Dell's articel in another publication.

LaFountaine reported that he had a book published in 1927, "Motormen & Conductor's Magazine of Toledo & Vicinity, and invited me to see it I was surprised at the volume of data and interesting photos in ti and will report more fully later.

I also learned more about one of LaFountaine's interests...hobbies and collectibles from the past.

I came away from his house with a gift...a copy of the Vestal Press magazine, which is packed full of information and photos on such subjests as: pianos, player pianos, music boxes, bicycles, old cars, carrousels, juke boxes, phonographs, radios, LP records and tapes, railroads, theater organs, reed organs, posters, ragtime and nostaligic musci, and much more.

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