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Tuesday, December 27, 1977


PIX #1 - In the same location where Fostoria Pressed Steel started 60 years ago...but in new office and manufacturing facilities. Fostoria Industries will undoubtedly be around a long time.

PIX #2 - Present Officers of Fostoria Industries

Another old-timer, from the standpoint of service with Fostoria Industries is Howard Russell. He started in 1942 as a draftsman...then served in the Navy during World War II, but later returned to the company. He is presently active in the sale of large infrared systems, particularly in the automotive plants.

E.N. Schalk, the current president, started with the company in 1958 as an engineering assistant. He advanced steadily through engineering, sales and management assignments until he reached his present position.

R.N. Green, retired and an ex-president, provided many years or valuable service. He joined the company in 1937 in a sales capacity. He left the company for a period of time but came back in 1961 to continue until retirement in 1975.

Too much credit cannot be given C.D. Pifer, the first president. He was a promoter, salesman, manager and man with much vision, and courage. He was a dedicated christian who practiced it in his business dealings.

Pifer and Carter made a good team during their years of association with the company, and it id doubtful that the company would have survived without them. "Russ", as Carter was known to his associates, was a paternalistic man who always had the best interests of hos co-workers at heart. His office door was always open to any employee with a problem...either business or personal.

I often played vollyball with "Russ" Carter and "Chiff" Pifer at the YMCA in my younger years, before joining the company.

The presidency of E.L. Bates was shortened by illness. He has assumed a full time position with the company in 1941 as Director of Sales. Prior to that he was a vice president, elected in 1935, succeeding E.W. Allen. "Jim" as he was known to his friends and co-workers, provided a "leavening" influence in the company; he was always cautious in his management decisions.

C.W. McDaniel joined the company as General Sales Manager in 1935. In 1937 he was elected Vice President and Secretary, and continued in that capacity until 1945, at which time he re-signed to represent the company on the West Coast.

"Mac" as he was known was with McDaniel, Fisher, Spelman, an advertising agency in Akron, Ohio, prior to joining the company. He was instrumental in organizing the sales and advertising program in 1939 to enable the company to capture the industrial infrared market...establishing leadership and maintaining it today. "Mac" is deceased.

R.H. Carter, son of R.H. Carter joined the company in 1948, after six years spent in aeronautical engineering with Chance-Vought division of United Aircraft. In 1958 he was appointed acting general manager when E.L. Bates became ill. During his presidency, starting in 1959, the company name was changed to Fostoria Corporation. Later the company merged with the Fannon Company, Detroit, to become known all through the years to local people as The Pressed Steel, became the property of TPI Corporation, and the name established as Fostoria Industries.

The Carter family policies and principles still contribute to the success of the company.

TPI recognizes the advantages of local management...and the experience that comes from long association with a company like Fostoria Industries. The present management team, in addition to E.N. Schalk, President, is made up of Fostorians: R.E. Williams, V.P. and Asst. General Manager; R.E. Justice, V.P. and Manufacturing; D.E. Spellerberg, Treasurer and Asst. Secretary.

Recently, talking with R.E. Williams, and E.N. Schalk about old times and employees, they said, "We can replace machinery, and build new facilities, but qualified people are difficult to is to them that the company owes a great debt of gratitude".

If space permitted, I could tell you about many more employees who are still contributing to the company's the factory, or at desks in various offices, but the following lists alone must suffice:

MANUFACTURING: C. Bouillon, W. Flechtner, H. Gillfilan, J. Gillig, R. Boas, W. Wetherill, P. Myers, J. Bugner, R. Koby, G. Wuertz, D. Lee, R. Ault, R. Springer, L.W. Risner, L.B. Risner, V. Holbrook, W. Feck, D. Beers, D. Theis, Rick Hoerig, N. Collet, J. Podach, C. Webb, A. Clouse, J. Frisch, J. Isbell, H. Hohman, R. Kimmet, A. Todd, N. Herrig, W. Holman, D. Huffman, C. Hooper, T. Sumpter, W. Haubert, M. Zickefoose, B. King, W. Cramer, H. Oberle, L. Robinson, J. Haynes, M. Vosburg, R. Cook, E. Baker, J. Martin, L. Mullins, P. Rittenhouse, D. Reino, T. Swander, G. Clauss, C. Hoffman, G. Olmstead, C. Wheeler, R. Brubaker. R. Olmstead, M. Hoerig, L. Shaw, M. Hofman, B. Snavely, D. Collet, R. Huth, R. Wollam, D. Cook, L. Tyler, J. Williamson, J. Shank, E. Rock, W. Valent, N. Beekman, R. Oler, O. Castret, G. Gonzales, G. Angles, J. Kessler, R. Fleshman, G. David II, S. Carter, R. Miller Jr. R. Gibson, D. Pahl, D. Reinhard, S. Musgrave, S. Fleshman, V. Kamenac, M. Bennett, L. Rojewski, J. Doogs, M. Abel, S. Hensley, G. Arndt, M. Ault, T. Justice, J. Fillhart, N. Flechtner, T. Shaw, S. Garner, D. Frederick, V. Van Dorn, P. Sauber, J. Myers, J. Hallman, J. Bish, J. Rodrieguez, A. Childers, D. Franklin, W. Dull, C. McDonald, C. Fouts, G. Ruehle, D. Burns, A. Taylor, N. Nye, L. Glenn, A. Brickner, K. Cooper, D. Gallimore, J. Bethel, Jr., C. Payne, D. Fleshman, K. Cousin, R. Keifer, M. Lehman, E. Foster, K. Sheets, R. Risner, T. Wenzke, C. Daughenbaugh, J. Starkey Jr., J. Heitmeyer, D. Buchanon, J. Fillhart.

ADMINISTRATIVE: D. Bouillon, M. Bastian, H. Wade, N. Rathfelder, B. Fillhart, C. Tyson, J. Brubaker, N. Meyers, B. Feller, B. Cousin, M. England, M. Burgbacker, R. Kline and E. Woessner - print sho.

SALES: J. Faber, L. Dunlap, J. Bemis, L. Allman, R. Swartz, H. Nye, M. Gundlack, J. Williams, O. Barnett, L. Honigfort, C. Bish, Fleming, N. Steyer, L. Matt, M. Reino, S. Fruth, W. Radar, M. Strahm, W. Boes, R. Turgeon, R. Boyd, H. Russell, J. Klein

ENGINEERING: W. Poma, R. Dick, R. Simonis, T. Sheets, T. Beal, K. Pahl, W. Henrard, M. Ludwig, C. Woodruff, D. Carr, G. Higley, J. Willam, G. Kimmei, T. Eastlick

I was around when Fostoria Pressed Steel was formed and knew most of the organizers and many of the early employees. I was an employee at the company's 25 year mark. I organized the company's 50 year celebration in 1967. Now I am writing this story at the 60 year point...its Diamond Jubilee. Will I still be around when the company celebrates its 75th anniversary? Very doubtful...unless the Lord wills it. I would love it if mind and body could be functioning properly.


In the first installment of the Fostoria Industries story, the following names were inadvertently omitted from the list of retired employees with long service records. Those with asterik (*) are deceased. Gerald Windau, 35 years, Cirma Hughes, 30, William Boyd, 29, Hugh Williams 26, Marcus Fickle 25, Alpha Adams 27, Melvin Vosburg 26, Thelma Rhoades 27.



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