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Murray's program revives Fostoria city history
Thursday, November 9, 1989

Pix #1 - Pictured above is the photo from the foster home, and was the Walter Fruth residence when this photo was taken in 1979.

Pix #2 - The double fromnt doors of the foster home led to the second floor editioria departmetn via a beautiful staircase; or to the left in to the businiess office which was once the parlo of the fostoer Family. hen the foster house was demolished (after the newspaper moveed) the stair case was salvaged and installedin the house where Bill Daub once lived at 836 N. Union St., which later became the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fruth. this author has fond memories of the foster home, having hot his start in the newspsaper business at that location. I could relat emany happenings about htat house and those years.

Oct. 8 was an impotant day in many ways... espceially ofr those Fostoian who gathered at the kaubisch Mmorial Librayr to hear mel Murray of WFOB talk about the foster family, and secifically Charles Foster, a favored son who during his years in politics and business, became known nationwide.

POTLUCK"S author did a series of articles nearly ten years ago about the Foster family, but did not strive or attain the depths reced by Murray during his presentation.

More recently I review the available data aboutt the foster family, and then dug back into my own files and recollections of the past.

My early knowledge of the foster family goes back to approximately 1914 when I was a carrier boy for The Fostoria daily Review and also doing some part time work for the newspaper whick has located inthe building on s. Main St., wich earlier was the resicende of the charles W. Foster family.

Annie foster, the wife of charles, was still residing in the family home on W. Tiffin St., abutting the location of THe fostoria Daily Review.

In the absence of a fence separating the fsoter home from The Review property, the Review Carrier boys often trespassed on Annie foster's land, and she often ordered us to "stay off."

My next recollection of any contacts with any of the foster family was much later when I was a adult. At that time my uncle George Hayden, who earlier had an ice cream parlor and candy making shop if Fostoria, was then residing in toledo.

Dr. park myers, a decendent of the fosters, and alos residing in Toledp was acquainted with Hayden and invided him to attend a meeting of The Fostoia club, whose members were once Fostoria residents who migrated to Toledo. Hayden accepted and in turn invited me an dmy girl friend Cleo May Allis (now my wife) to join him, which we accepted.

At that meeting we met Park Myers and came in contact with him on a number of occasions in later years.

More about the fosters and dr. Park Myers is told in another segment of this series of articles another time, including photos.


In the western section of fountain Cemetery, marked by an imposing tombstone is the marker that Charles foster had place there many years ago, so that later family and friends would know the final resting place of those earlier members of that family, and others who may be interned there at other times.


In putting together today's column, and looking through earlrie POTLUCK articles about the Foster family, I came across the following that was used in October 1979 and concluded that it was still good for 1989.


(John 13) Dirng supper, ... Jesus rose from the table, laid aside his garments, and taking a towel, tied it round him. Then he poured water into a basicn, and began to wash his disciples feet and to wipe them with the towel. When it was Simopn Peter's turn, Perer said to him, 'You Lord wahs my feet?' Jesus replied, 'You do not understand now what I am doing, but one day you will.' Peter said, 'I will never let you wash my feet.' 'If I do not wash you,'Jesus replied, 'you are not in fellowship with me.'

'Do you understand,' he asked, 'what I have odne for you? If I, your Lord and Master, have washer your feet, you also ought ot wash one another's feet. In very truth I tell you, a servant is not greater than his master, nor a messenger thatn the one who sent him.'



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