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July 6, 2003

Aspiring Authors Strive for Write Stuff at Workshop
By Leonard Skonecki

Why would someone attend the new writer's workshop at the library?

"I want to know how to get it from up here," one woman said, tapping her head, "to down here (tapping a piece of paper on the table)."

The newly organized Fostoria Writers Workshop has met twice at Kaubisch Memorial Public Library. The workshop meets Monday mornings at 10 am and is open to anyone who is interested in discussing and learning the craft of writing.

Interests range from poetry to fiction to business letters to romances to feature writing.

The workshop facilitator is native Fostorian Ann Jones.

"I was one of the first babies born in the Fostoria Community Hospital," she says. "I'm a native Fostorian. I went to school here all through high school."

Ann began attending Bowling Green State University's branch here in Fostoria before going to the main campus. She holds a bachelor of science in education with a major in English and speech, and a master's and Ph.D. in American English fiction and literature.

Ann is no stranger to conducting writing workshops.

"I've done quite a few. Workshops are good because writing is a solitary endeavor. There aren't very many people who know how to talk to you about your writing," she said.

"You get embarrassed because you think they're going to think you're crazy. Maybe you are. You aren't even sure yourself sometimes," she said. "I've done workshops as credit courses in colleges. I've done them just like this. I've done them as adult education programs."

Writing has been a lifelong companion for Ann.

"I've been writing forever, since I was a little kid. I remember being about 8 years old and writing an essay on what do I want to do when I grow up. I discussed the possibility of being a fireman or a policeman or a this or a that," she said. "I remember that my last sentence was the ‘I guess I'll just be a mommy.' If you talked to me 20 or 30 years later you would have met a much more ambitious person."

What can people expect from a writers workshop? Ann said that people attend for a variety of reasons.
"But most people," she said, "come with a serious intention of becoming a better writer. The ladies were talking today about their family memories, about getting something important like that down for future generations."

So far more than a dozen people have attended each session and new participants are welcome to join the workshop at any time.

If interest warrants a second section of the workshop will be scheduled for the evening to accommodate working people and students.

The workshop is open to anyone of high school age or older.

Anyone interested in more information can contact Ann at 419-435-5962 or Kaubisch Library Director Darren McDonough at 419-435-2813.


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