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Published on 06/25/06 in the Fostoria Focus
Fostoria United Veterans hold annual luncheon, give awards
Focus Correspondent

Color Guard Award Recipients
Six men were honored for their service to the Fostoria United Veterans Color Guard and Firing Squad. Pictured above (left to right) are: Cliff Cokie, Jim Rochester, Art Allison, Mike Mosley, Rex Mellott and Dave Zoll. These members fold the flag and present it to the family at the funeral of area veterans. The awards were presented by United Veteran Commander Frank Kraske at the group’s annual luncheon June 17.

It’s usually a somber occasion when the Fostoria United Veterans Color Guard and Firing Squad get together. The United Veterans provide the military honors at the funerals of their fellow veterans in the Fostoria area.
They also participate in Memorial and Veterans Day ceremonies, holiday parades and other community events.
But the mood was festive when more than 60 members of the group, along with wives and friends of the color guard, gathered for their annual luncheon June 17 at the Fostoria American Legion Post 73.
A short meeting, conducted by Commander Frank Kraske, preceded the lunch.
Frank had six plaques to hand out.
“I’m going to hand out some special awards to some special people because what they do, a lot of us don’t want to do,” he said.
Frank was speaking of those members of the color guard who fold the flag from the coffin and present it to the veteran’s family. This is oftentimes an emotionally difficult job.
Those receiving the plaques were Jim Rochester, Rex Millot, Cliff Cockie, Mike Marley, Art Allison and Dave Zoll, the color guard’s bugler.
The plaques read: “In appreciation for your outstanding service and assistance which contributed to the advancement of the United Veterans of Fostoria Honor Guard and Rifle Squad.”
Terry Hoening of Hoening and Mann-Hare Funeral Homes presented the United Veterans with a check and a plaque of appreciation.
“We want you to know that what you do does not go unnoticed,” Terry said. “I can’t tell you the level of satisfaction the families have with the military honors you provide. We appreciate it. Thank you.”
Rev. Donald Goodwin also presented a donation on behalf of Jeff Floriana of Harrold-Floriana Funeral Home. Jeff was unable to attend.
“You men do such a fine job,” Rev. Goodwin said. “I don’t know any other counties that do any better than Fostoria. Your dedication and consecration to do this are outstanding. You make us proud of this city. The time you spend on this is most appreciated.”
The United Veterans have expenses for items such trousers, shirts, gloves, earmuffs and monogramming. This year the group agreed to buy patent leather shoes. The organization receives some funds from the Veterans Service Commission and others from donations from families and others.
Service officer Mac McAullife represented the Seneca County Veterans Service Commission at the luncheon.
After the meeting, everyone enjoyed a prime rib dinner. Carol Shontz supervised the preparations.
Art Allison announced the AMVETS Post 69 annual golf tournament would be Aug. 19. The AMVETS decided to name the event the “Art Abell and Ronnie Thompson Memorial Golf Tournament” in honor of two AMVETS Post 69 Commanders who passed away recently.
Sandy Thompson, Ronnie wife, was a special guest.
“I’m really honored to be here because Ronnie thought the world of the honor guard,” she told the group. “My children were so impressed by the honor guard at Ronnie’s funeral. Thank you for what you do.”
The Fostoria United Veterans’ services are available at no charge for the funeral of any veteran. Their presence is arranged through our local funeral homes.