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Fostoria Focus - March 24, 2004

Veterans Chapel Committee
Preparing for Dedication
By Leonard Skonecki

The Veterans Memorial Chapel at Fountain Cemetery is rapidly nearing completion, The Veterans Memorial Chapel Committee learned at its March 18 meeting at the Municipal Building.

Mayor John Davoli reported that the Tree and Beautification Committee is planning the chapel landscaping. The chapel will be bordered with boxwoods, lilacs, spirea , barberry and other plantings.

The plantings have been selected with an eye to being low maintenance and low in height so as not to obstruct the chapel. Four Seasons Garden Center will do the planting at cost.

The committee also decided the paved area around the chapel will be entirely of concrete because of its durability. There was also discussion of the placement of the memorial and commemorative pavers.

The committee then made a visit to the chapel to discuss the decoration of the chapel interior.

Several plaques will adorn the north wall – plaques for the gold, silver and bronze donors, one for the chapel window designers, and one for the window sponsors. In addition, there will be two dedication plaques, one with the names of city officials and one listing the Veterans Memorial Chapel Committee members.

A large American flag will hang from the ceiling.

Other flags will be placed along the south and east walls including the Ohio and Fostoria flags, the POW MIA flag and a flag for each branch of the service – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

The Chapel Committee has raised over $100,000 for the project through benefit events, sponsorships, pavers and the donation of proceeds from charitable fund-raising by the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, AMVETS and Vietnam Veterans of America. The committee decided to set aside some of that money to refurbish the podium next year.

The chapel dedication will take place preceding the annual Memorial Day observance at Fountain Cemetery. Memorial Day services will take place, as usual, at 10 a.m. The dedication will be held at 9 a.m.