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Fostoria Focus - September 3, 2003

City to Begin Accepting Bids for
Veterans Memorial Chapel
By Leonard Skonecki

The Veterans Memorial Chapel Committee met Wednesday at the Fostoria American Legion Post 73, where Mayor John Davoli announced that he will go before the city council at its next meeting to ask for an ordinance authorizing the city to open the biding process for construction of the chapel.

The estimated cost of the chapel is $150,000. Fostoria's veterans organizations – the American Legion, AMVETS, Vietnam veterans of America and Veterans of Foreign Wars – have raised approximately $40,000 of that amount to date.

The city intends to use $50,000 per year for this year and next year from the capital improvement fund for the project. The capital improvement fund finances projects that cost more than $500 and are intended to last more than five years.

The capital improvement fund is dedicated specifically for such projects and cannot be used for purposes such as paying salaries, funding programs or buying vehicles.

The Chapel Committee continues to sell memorial pavers. Thus far, 200 have been sold. Pavers come in two sizes and cost $60 or $100.

American Legion Commander Art Allison reported on the fund-raising presentations being conducted with local businesses. Thus far, he and Mike Marley have secured donations froma dozen firms.

Allison and Marley will visit four more companies in the next week.

The shovels used in the Memorial Day groundbreaking for the chapel have been distributed to the City, VFW, Legion, AMVETS and Vietnam Veterans. Since the Vietnam Veterans have a post but no canteen, they will donate it to the chapel where it will be on display in its own case.

Stephen Raitch of Peterman & Associates said that the foundation and other work can be completed this fall. He said the committee could anticipate completion in April 2004.

Anyone who would like more information about the Veterans Memorial Chapel can call 419-435-8282.