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Fostoria Focus - October 26, 2003

Veterans Memorial Chapel Receives 4 Bids
By Leonard Skonecki

The Veterans Memorial Chapel received good news this past Thursday when Mayor John Davoli opened four bids for the construction of the building at Fountain Cemetery.

Several weeks ago, the project had to be rebid when the only bid received was too far above the architect's estimate. To be accepted, a bid must be no more than 10 percent over the estimate.

The four bids were from Feick Contractors of Sandusky ($204,700). Stuber-Obringer Construction of New Washington ($187,000), Clouse Construction of New Riegel ($225,955) and Whitta Construction of Fostoria ($193,000).

"The city is thrilled," Davoli said. "All four bids were within the 10 percent threshold. This is the most exciting bid opening I've had as mayor."

The next step is examine the bids to insure they conform to the chapel specifications as drawn up by the city and Peterman Associates.

"We'll go over all the bids with Dan Thornton, the city engineer. We have to make sure they meet the specifications," Davoli said.

Assisting him in opening the bids were Amy Kirkpatrick, Clerk of Council Paul Allison and Safety Service Director Ralph Wise.

Nine members of the Veterans Chapel Committee – Arnie Sayre, Cliff Cockie, Bruce Nolan, Rick Steve, Mike Marley, Dave Zoll, Art Allison, Dave Short and Tom Evans – were also present.

Davoli also announced that 218 commemorative pavers have been sold. The pavers can carry the name of the donor or can honor a living veteran or memorialize a deceased veteran.

The Tree and Beautification Committee will assist in landscaping the grounds adjacent to the chapel.

Davoli also wanted to correct some inaccurate information released earlier. All pavers purchased before the completion of the chapel will be installed by the dedication which will be held on Memorial Day 2004.

Davoli estimated it would take approximately one week to choose among the four bids.

Those wishing more information on the Veterans Memorial Chapel should call 419-435-8282.