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Fostoria Focus - October 1, 2003

Legion Hosts Jim Kuhn's 90th Birthday Party
By Leonard Skonecki
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A year ago, Jim Kuhn had a question. Last year Kuhnie got surprised at the VFW for his 89th birthday.

"What are you going to do for my 90th?" he asked.

Well, the American Legion did the logical thing and hosted another party, though this one wasn't a surprise.

Roughly, 100 people turned out to help Kuhnie celebrate the occasion. One of them was Kuhnie's special friend and companion, Betty Wonder.

When it was time for Kuhnie to cut the cake, Dean Mosier wanted to know, "Kuhnie, how are you going to blow out 90 candles?"

Actually, there were only two candles, a "9" and an "0" so that made it easy.

Former Fostorian Kevin Yost of Krystal Kastle Karoke came all the way from Detroit to donate his DJ service.

Lots of folks exercised their vocal chords, including American Legion Commander Art Allison, who sings pretty well.

Kuhnie got lots of presents – an Ohio State T-shirt, a squirrel feeder, a slew of gift certificates at area eateries, not to mention a box of his favorite cigars.

Someone asked him what his 100th birthday will bring.

Kuhnie laughed.

"I don't know about 100," he said. "I don't think people could take it."