VFW - Seneca County

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920 East County Road 20

(Mailing Address: 103 S. Washington Street)

Tiffin Ohio 44883

FAX 419-448-5104

The Seneca County Veterans Service Commission consists of five members nominated by local veterans organizations and appointed to five-year terms by the Judges of Common Pleas Court. The current commission consists of the following members:

David A. Young, Vietnam Veterans of American
Raymond D. Cooley , Veterans of Foreign Wars
Thomas L. Evans, American Legion
Joseph L. Gehring, Disabled American Veterans
James R. Rochester, AMVETS

The Seneca County Veterans Service Office staff is:

Thomas B. Gernert, County Veterans Service Officer
Pat Warren, Veterans Benefits Counselor
J.M. McAuliffe, Veterans Service Officer
Sharon L. Hi mebaugh, Transportation Coordinator
Norman M. Musgrave, Driver


8:30 AM TO 4:30 pm, Monday throught Fridday (except holidays)

The Commission and the office operations are governed by the Ohio Revised Code, section 5901. By law, the Commission is funded by a maximum of one-half mill assessment against property tax revenues for the county. These monies are used to provide the following services:

Assistance with VA Claims
Enrollment in the VA Medical System
Transportation to VA medical facilities
Financial Assistance in Emergency Situations
Burial Plots for Indigent Veterans and Eligible Family Members
Funeral Expense Assistance for Indigent Veterans and Authorized Family Members

Our office can provide information on most subjects dealing with VA benefits and programs. We will provide assistance with filing claims with the VA for all eligible members. In all cases, the claimant must present proof of service, usually the military discharge. For those who do not have a copy of their discharge, help is available to obtain a copy. Any other documentation needed to pursue a claim, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc, can normally be obtained by our office.

Quick View of Veterans Benefits:

Service Connected Disability Compensation: Paid to those servicemembers who incur a compensable injury or illness while in military service. This benefit is not computed using any income information.

Non-Service Connected Pension: Available to those wartime veterans who are permanently and totally disabled and who have low income. This is a strictly income based benefit and all income, including social security, other pension, interest, dividends, etc., are counted when computing the benefits.

Educational Benefits: Dependent upon which educational program the veteran falls under, period of service, and discharge date.

Home Loan Guaranty: Available to most veterans. Requires the veteran to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility and meet VA criteria in selecting the home to be purchased.

Medical Treatment: All veterans may apply for VA medical treatment. Each enrollee is assigned either Category A or Category C status based on income and assets. Category C patients are charged a co-pay fee for treatment. Regardless of Category status, there is no charge for treatment of service-connected disabilities which have been duly recognized by DVA.

Links: (Department of Veterans Affairs Home Page) (Cleveland Regional Office Home Page) (Ann Arbor Medical Center)




If you are a military veteran and are not enrolled in the VA health care system, you are missing out! The Department of Veterans Affairs operates the largest and most integrated health care system in the United States! The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations consistently ranks VA medical centers and clinics higher in quality than most private hospitals. Most VA medical centers or systems of care are affiliated with the top medical schools in the country. Yet surprisingly, most veterans know little about the high quality of VA health services, their eligibility for these services, or how to enroll in the system. The free medical services to qualified veterans include: primary care, urgent care services and preventive medicine, to name but a few.


Many veterans are eligible for free to low-cost VA health care but have not yet used their earned benefits. With services ranging from basic visits to hospitalizations, VA can meet all your health needs in modern, fully-accredited facilities.


To register call for an appointment in your local Veterans Service Office in Tiffin, Ohio.


Call us today! 1 (800) 820-0189


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