Altrus History (1970-1971)

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Altrusa International, Inc.
of Fostoria, Ohio, USA
District Five





Board of Directors
President Carolyn White
Vice President Eileen Martin
Recording Secretary Susan Quesinberry
Corresponding Secretary Betty Summer
Treasurer Mildred Rowles
Directors Claudie Hilleir (1972)
Opal Van Dorn (1972)
Helen Lemmon (1971)
Immediate Past President Cynthia Thompson

Let Freedom Ring project was continued.
Kris Kurcan, first recipient of Revolving Scholarship, given a loan of $600.00 a year to attend Bowling Green State University.
Attempted to obtain a 2-year Junior Technical College branch of Penta-Tech for Fostoria.
Founders Fund Vocational Aid recipient Sue Sanders received a grant of $350.00 for LPN training at Bowling Green School of Practical Nursing.
Purchased tickets to movie For Petes Sake for Special Education Class at Lowell Jr. High School. Total cost $18.00.
Held spring party for Seneca County Home residents at a cost of $32.03.
Hosted District Five Workshop.
Paid International dues of $9.00 for Anondi Kenwar of India.
Gave Kaubisch Memorial Library, Fostoria High School library, and St. Wendelin High School Library subscriptions to International Altrusan.
Contribution of $100.00 was made to Grants in Aid.
Contribution of $75.00 was made to Founders Fund.
Country Store project netted $694.51

Members Gained: Shirley Madson
  Evelyn Young
  Dorothy Rothenbuhler

Members Lost: Ann Noble
  Mauvelyn Pritchard
  Helen Schlosser
  Josephine Schock

If you are interested in additional information about Altrusa International of Fostoria, Ohio, please contact:

Club President
Altrusa International of Fostoria, Ohio, U.S.A.
P.O. Box 531
Fostoria, OH 44830


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